Vice Presidential Debate, …

So, this is what we got. …and in the real important news…….It is my daddy’s birthday today. I let him walk me, take me to the park..the one by “the Round House” in Beacon, the we went to the Beacon Barkey where I let him by me a few treats a Himalayan Cheese stick and some bones… and then we played more catch in the back yard. It was fun for me. Himalayan Cheese stick? …it is this compressed Yak cheese, yes I said Yak cheese sort of made into a yogurt like substance then dried and compressed until it is a very hard bone like thing, they’re yummy! So I had a good day. Oh, Oh, Oh, he also bought me this new food stuff thing, it is like a log of compressed meat kinda’ like they have with coldcuts you know like a salami or balonga only more dense and hard. So he cut off a chunk and diced it up and mixed it in with my dog food aand WOW! it is GOOD! It is some sort of natural, live, real, raw …but not really dog food stuff YUM!

Oh and it is Biden, Ryan then there is O’bama and Romney…are they ALL Irish? My dad thinks Snooki and JWOW should run the country so it would be less superficial than the politicians. Maybe the Kardashians can make up the cabinet? …and all of the decisions can be made by a panel of judges like in DWTS, Xfactor or American Idol and the audience, (voters) can call in or text their preference?

 My friend Ryder and I having a debate….It is water…no that’s absurd it is water, no, it is water…no, no, no, It is water! You would have us believe it is water? No, it IS water, I can’t believe you are saying it is water when anyone can clearly see it is water….and I know water when I see it! Oh yeah, I grew up with water and my family knows water and I am telling you it is water!..No, it is not,it is water!

Life Lesson: Run, Play, Eat, Sleep, get petted and rubbed, lick your naughty bits, chew things up Pee and Poop, that is life.

3 Bone Day!

My dad must really love me. Even though he said I must belong to PITA, (thats “pain in the ***), …not Peta, (“People for the Ethical Treatment on Animals”). He likes to get a lot of things done when he is home on the weekend. today he wanted to work on the cabinets he is building for the new Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. office, and he wanted to work on the car, and he wanted to go out and get some wood at Home Depot, and he wanted to go to Michaels for some art supplies, and he wantd to go to Harbor Freight Tools because they are having a sale, and he wanted to go to Barnes & Nobles to see if they have any interesting new car magazines, and he wanted to go to “the Peoples Bicycle for a cable, oh, and he wanted to spend some time with my mom and also me. See what I mean…he likes to get things done.

So he thinks I am a P-I-T-A because while he is doing other stuff I keep bothering him to play with me.  So he decided early on today that he would try to deflect me and keep me busy with toys. As usual he went to the “Beacon Barkery” my favorite dog toy and food store and bought me not one, not two, but three bones to chew on for today. He bought me one that looks hard but is really made of something like compressed sweet potatoes or something wierd like that. He also got me a Tibetian Cheese Stick, which is something like Yak cheese compressed real hard so it is like a rock. AND he got me a real live, uh dead marrow bone.

Bone # 1- I went through that thing in lkike 10 minutes and it was on to pester my dad.  then

Bone # 2- I accidently dropped the cheese stick and it broke in half. My dad being the worrier that he is took it away because he thought I might try to eat the pieces whole and they would get stuck inside me.

Bone # 3- Ok, boy is that marrow bone good. It is work trying to get that marrow out of the middle, but that is half the adventure. That bone did keep me occupied for quite awhile so I guess that was a success for both of us.

Life Lesson: Be prepared with multiple options and if you can help yourself by helping others everyone wins.