Win A Giant Teddy Bear!

Sometimes, even big things can be cute.

As of 3pm today, all of my daytime companions have been smaller than me. I really did not want to be the bully, but I couldn’t help it – there was no one else. I could easily bite their necks and shake them all around. Then I would break their skin and drain the stuffing out of them. Even my beloved Horsey was not spared. I hurt the ones I love.

But now I have Teddy. My dad got him for me. He thought that having company that is bigger than me would hopefully make me less fearful of things taller than me. He was pleasantly surprised that I was not afraid of him.  Also, I think he is hoping he will last longer than the others.

How about you dear reader? How long do you think he will last? My mom is going to give away Teddy’s twin to whoever guesses the date of his demise (defined as whenever his head is completely separate from his body).

To enter the contest, simply write Month Day Year of your guesstimate demise date at the Comments Section. Only one entry per commenter. The winner(s) should guess the right date, or will be the one closest.  My mom is willing to ship ANYWHERE. Good Luck!

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