Strangers in The Night, Exchanging Glances . . .

So my daddy takes me out last night a bit later than usual so I can …….pee. We walk down to the end of the street where I lke to go and there on my turf….right in the middle is ……?     I am really not sure, another being? an Alien? a dog with big ears? a …..herbivore?           On MY turf!

He/She was bigger than….

but smaller than………..

We all just stared at each other for 3 – 4 minutes. My dad stood still, I stood stretched out trying to smell and see who he was, and the deer didn’t budge. He didn’t even flinch, just held his ground. I wanted to go say ” Hi!” my dad was waiting for a ny kind of reaction, secretly hoping the deer would come over and say “Hi!” and we all just stood there about 50 feet away from each other.

I think my dad was hoping the deer was mistaking me for one of his friends and would come over so he crouched down behind me…didn’t work, the deer never came over. I was not sure if I should give chase and try to play or if I should just wait. The deer? who knows what he was thinking, he was either scared stiff and couldn’t move, wasn’t sure about us, (these herbivore/carnivore social encounters are very awkward and can sometimes end messy), or as my dad started thinking had babies sleeping in the woods that were close by and was standing his ground to protect them. So to show some decorum  and to avoid any “he said/she said” late nigth bar brawl kind of events that usually end up on the evening news and nobody really walks away the winner hangover the next day. We decided to walk away slowly in the other direction and let the deer have his friday night in peace. Part of me still yeans though. What if it was a she, what if she could have been “the one”? Maybe because it was late and dark, maybe I had a few too many dog biscuits, but she shure looked good to me! ……………….sigh, hopefully we will meet again. Maybe next time we can cross this divide?

(Ofcourse, if it all went badly, I think we could have taken him.There were two of us, I am a carnivore, and my dad had his big pooper scooper shovel.)

Life Lesson: Late night encounters are tricky and sometimes it is best to let what could have been be “what could have been”.

I Think I Have A Pen Pal Maybe Even More Than One…YAY!!!!!

Thats’ me standing on my dad. I think he is losing weight and shrinking. Doesn’t he look smaller than before?
…….Anyway, another dog writer has been sending me messages commenting on my blog and blogging also. His name is Ryder. Now isn’t that so cool! First of all he has a cool name. It is cool, tough, daring and a whole host of other things that Meatball just doesn’t denote. We could be part of a movement. We could be the beginning of a revolution. Equal rights for dogs! Dog marriage, (after all where would you ever find a more faithfull partner?) A dog for president! ( who would be more honest). Dogs running the Pentagon, ( who knows how to fight and when to run better?). And best of all “Playdog” magazine! (this being a family blog I won’t go into what we can do – other than to say…”we can reach areas by ourselves”….oooh never mind)                  ok, where was I?

So I am glad to have a “correspondent” to correspond with and hoping for that play date someday when we can find neutral turf to run around in, Maybe Memorial Park or a Long Dock Park trail walk? Before my daddy shrinks  to much, like inthat movie,  “Honey I Shrunk the Daddy”

Life Lesson: Write real letters to your friends and loved ones, They can be savoured,  saved, and treasured in ways e-mails cannot.

This Was My Best Christmas EVER!

 Wow, this was my best Christmas ever!………..Ok, Ok, it was also my first Christmas. I got to meet a lot of my relatives, I got toys to play with, I got GREAT food to eat, it was Great! All of the crazy supid stuff my humans were doing for the past few weeks all seemed to come together in one day just for me!

 I must say it was also very nerve racking and tiring too. Kids running around screaming like they were a bunch of lonely alley cats protecting their turf. Kids teasing me in my own house. Boxes and wrapping paper all over. Lots of pretty lights. Lots of food. Poppy playing with me and petting me. Lots of people playing with me and petting me. My mom giving me a rather tasty people food lunch.  An antelope antler to chew on. It goes on and on, so much different than a normal day or even a normal Sunday.

I wonder if we can do this every Sunday?

 This is me meeting Santa!

 This is me getting special attention from Poppy.

 This is me waiting for…uh, protecting some of the deserts.

 This is me with my new friend, (he doesn’t have a name yet…what should I name him? …any suggestions?) I can’t wait to rip his arms off!

  I even got to spend some quality time with Horsey and tore his neck up…but just a bit…………..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Life Lesson: Christmas may be a stressfull time but try to have some fun also.  You have to remember the meaning of Christmas, Humans sharing their stuff with me and feeding me a lot of their good food!