Happy Thanksgiving! Dinosaur Bones! Dinosaur Bones!

Ok, I’m a little late with the Thanksgiving wishes but as you can see I was busy.  This is just a little “froth” from me chewing on my dinosaur bone that my daddy got me. Actually I think it is dinosaur skin.  If I work at it I can get it all chewy and it does get just a little sloppy. But it is SO worth it.

As you can see, not only does dad get me dinosaur bones he helps me hold them while I chew. What a guy! Turkey Shcmurkey, I want dino bones!

 ….the action shot!

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Life Lesson: Give thanks for all of the little unexpected pleasures and treasure you have.

……And In Other Exciting News……

I went to the park today, my dad walked me all over the place and near the end of our walk we ran into Dixie. …Uh, she is not in this picture, apparently there was a mix up back at HQ and the editorial staff lost Dixie’s picture. Dixie is a small, maybe 30lb. German Shepard Puppy. She is full of energy, very cute, and is going to be a real superhero type of dog someday, like UnderDog or one of the Avengers or something.

Also it is now officially Autumn, yay no more heat and humidity…but the cold is coming. So is Octoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, (unless you don’t give thanks), then …uh, you lose.

…and the best for last

…Did you here about the nutjob who wanted to “be one with the tigers” at the Bronx Zoo? Yeah, some dummy jumped from the monorail into the tiger den.  One tiger decided to play along and dragged him by his foot, which is now tiger chow, untill the tiger babysitter turned the fire hose on said tiger and got the stupid guy out of there before the rest of him became tigerchow. I wonder why the zoo worker didn’t just watch instead of trying to save the guy? I mean how often do you get to see such a spectacle? I myself would love to watch something like that, especially if the guy volunteered to feed the tigers…with himself. The tiger was about 400 lbs they say. That is like more than two of me playing with a stuffed man, ok he wasn’t exactly stuffed, but he had upstairs wasn’t much better than stuffing, if ya’ know what I mean. Maybe he should just adopt a house cat…or get a stuffed animal and call it a day.

Life Lesson: The saesons change, crazy people are entertaining, and friends are even better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I live a blessed life and I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

The day started good. My mom and dad usually leave in the morning and today they just stayed home. They played with me, walked me, just hung out with me. I was so happy.

Then in the middle of the day they got in the car and left. They usually come home after I napped but today they didn’t. They were gone for a very long time and I was worried that they would never come. After two lifetimes, they came. And they fed me special turkey, peas, rice, and kornik. And they played with me for a very long time. And now I am happy again.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me parents who come back even if they leave, a house house that shelters me when they do, and toys to keep me company. Amen.

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Life Lesson: Saying “Thank You” is so easy, yet so valuable. Do it often.