Hunger Strike!

It’s the principle of the thing.

I think I am slowly dying of hunger. I do not want to eat anymore. My dad decided it is too much work to cook for me, so he just bought cans of Alpo to add into my food. I do not like it at all, and I would much rather die of hunger than eat something that I do not like.

You might think I am spoiled. I think that I am merely enlightened. I think the dogs who do eat dog food ALONE simply do not know any better. How could any dog go from chicken and rice, omelet, take-out Chinese food back to just regular food? If I were altruistic, I would tell every dog I meet the JOYS of human food. But I do not want to cause trouble.

If you want to help, please email my dad and tell him how you support my cause. Getting a lot of emails might make him have a change of heart.


Life Lesson: Perspective is all in the SPIN:-)