Lend A Helping Hand

There once was a movie “Cool Hand Luke” with Paul Newman and uh, I forgot, …I think it was George Kennedy. …this isn’t anything about that.

I just turned 19…19 months, so it is time for my daddy to see my Paws. I got four of them! This is kinda’ a “slap me five” picture, nice eh?

He likes to hold my hand, ‘er paw.  Didn’t the Beatles sing something like…”I wanna hold your paw”? My Dad says he’s lucky I don’t wear shoes because first of all I would eat them and second he would have to keep buying me bigger ones.

Still just showing off my Paws….and the spot of drool on my ankle.

Life Lesson: No matter what size shoe you have to fill, let your heart soar, let your spirit soar, and let your imagination soar,… but keep your feet on the ground and stay grounded

I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand!

This video doesn’t exist

Now that I am 14 months old, my dad wanted to see how big my paws are. He wanted to hold my hand, but I am a big dog now and I didn’t want to hold hands…………So we fought it out. Ok, We play fought. I won…but in the end I let him hold my hand, …’cause he’s my daddy.

Who’s your daddy? He’s my daddy!

…and my daddy’s hands are getting smaller. It’s like “slap me 5″…’cept I only have 4.

Life Lesson: Hold someones hand, it will make you and them feel better.