Meatball was too terified and embarassed to write this post tonight, so his daddy is writing. The picture above is still how he sees himself sometimes.

Tonight we were watching TV and Meatball fell asleep while we were watching. At first we watched the Ben Stiller movie “Tower Heist”, then we were watching some other thing on TV that had growling bigfoot noises In the background. He must have heard the noises and worked them into his dreams. He was just sleeping away and  then SUDDENLY he JUMPED UP and ran like the biggest scaredy cat across the living room and half way up the stairs. He was slipping and flopping all around looking for traction and losing his footing the entire way. He got to the landing and looked back and looked at us wondering why we weren’t running. It was sooo funny and sudden.

We convinced him to come back down, at first he was looking all around and acting like he was ready to run again. Finally we convinced him it was ok and he himself checked out everything. It took a little bit of comforting to get him back, SO I guess dogs do have nightmares!

Life Lesson: Even the Big Dogs get scared sometimes