I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream…or Chicken Nuggets.

Mom and Dad took me to the park today. It was nice we went by the waterfall and almost met another dog. My dad asked the other guy if his dog was friendly, I really wanted to play. But the other guy said, “no he’s a pitbull”….? Huh, SO? Almost all of the pitbulls I ever met were fabulously nice and playfull. His dog looked like all playfull too. Ooooohh, a pitbull oooohhh,Little dog! He wasn’t even all pit, he had a lot of lab in him or something…and he was waggin’ his tail. Ohwell, I guess not everyone wants to play.

ANYWAY, then we went to the other park and went to Ron’s Ice Cream stand. I didn’t get ice cream though. I got something better, chicken nuggets! wooohoooo.I wonder if they can be called Chicken McRon Nuggets?

Life Lesson: I think my dad should lay off the ice cream, let him scream all he wants.