Yup, I turned 16 months yestrday. Light up the 16 Candles, get the cake out, lets Rock and Roll all night and party everyday! I am almost 1/2 way out of my puppy stage and becoming full grown! YAY!!!

Lets do some FAQ’s and the answers.

So, yes, I still am going to get bigger.

Yes, I still like to play with stuffed animals and No, they do not look like they end up enjoying the experieince.

I eat about 7 cups of dog food a day and it gets supplemented with about two cups of “other stuff”.

Yes, I drool a lot.

Yes, I am bigger than your child that you are showing me to …I am bigger than you too lady, so don’t act so smug aand condescending to your kid. They KNOW I am bigger than them and also bigger than you, They got eyes!

Yes, I shed…constantly in this hot weather.

Yes, I jump on the bed, sleep there during the day too!

No, I don’t go on the couch, (some training stuck).

Yes, I am walking him, he only thinks he is walking me.

….and I haven’t bitten anyone yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bite. But do you really want to give me a reason to?

The top picture was me on the outside.

 This is me on the inside.

Life Lesson: What we are, what we see oursleves as, and what others see us are three different things.