Like my dad I not only eat for sustanance, we also eat for enjoyment. If the food is good, we both like to savor it even after there is no more physiologigcal, (if I spelled that wrong please remember I am just a dog),  need to eat. The fact that we still feel hungry or still want to eat more we call it “emotional huinger”. Often my mom will say, “you’ve had enough” and we will say, “but I am still emotionally hungry!”

Lately however my food has been bland. BLAH! So I have decided to go on a hunger strike. Power to the Puppies!  We are revolting because our food is revolting!….that is our motto, pretty cool huh? See what I did there? I used the word “revolting” two different ways, pretty trick  huh? Kinda’ makes me one smart pooch, eh? Us revolutionaries have to be intellects, it is like part of the code, otherwise world leaders won’t notice you. Maybe I can get some sort of Nobel Peace prize? Maybe like a piece of pizza? Wait, is it Peace prize or Piece prize? Diddn’t Al Gore win one? or was it Obama? (is it supposed to be O’bama?…isn’t he Irish?)…any way I digress if it was one of them it must be a Piece prize. Maybe they got a piece of gum or something? Neither of them ever created Peace so it must be Piece?

Where was I? Oh yeah, So my dad realized I was revolting, (Ok I am not revolting I am in the action of revolt as in revolution not as in stomach turning) so he decided to give in and give me some chicken in my dog food. Me being the hard core revolutionary that I am,  held out. POWER TO THE PUPPIES! Right On!  So he then gave me some pork chop in my food too. …and I was like, ” wassup dog no appetizer”? So then he topped it all off with some Cheeto’s!
So, in the end the pro-western establishment sued for peace with the upstart PUPPY NATION and all were happy and there was peace and tranquility in the world once more!

Life Lesson: You have to fight for what you want, but you don’t have to be revolting.

I Think I Have A Pen Pal Maybe Even More Than One…YAY!!!!!

Thats’ me standing on my dad. I think he is losing weight and shrinking. Doesn’t he look smaller than before?
…….Anyway, another dog writer has been sending me messages commenting on my blog and blogging also. His name is Ryder. Now isn’t that so cool! First of all he has a cool name. It is cool, tough, daring and a whole host of other things that Meatball just doesn’t denote. We could be part of a movement. We could be the beginning of a revolution. Equal rights for dogs! Dog marriage, (after all where would you ever find a more faithfull partner?) A dog for president! ( who would be more honest). Dogs running the Pentagon, ( who knows how to fight and when to run better?). And best of all “Playdog” magazine! (this being a family blog I won’t go into what we can do – other than to say…”we can reach areas by ourselves”….oooh never mind)                  ok, where was I?

So I am glad to have a “correspondent” to correspond with and hoping for that play date someday when we can find neutral turf to run around in, Maybe Memorial Park or a Long Dock Park trail walk? Before my daddy shrinks  to much, like inthat movie,  “Honey I Shrunk the Daddy”

Life Lesson: Write real letters to your friends and loved ones, They can be savoured,  saved, and treasured in ways e-mails cannot.

My Dad is still Steaming, Crazy, Livid! because WordPress has turned really crappy

 Word Press is the blog hosting company I use. Well apparently they made some changes. They have become more invasive, less reliable, very spotty and iffy. You never know if you are going to type out a blog, add pictures and then hit “publish” only to have the whole thing lost, wiped out, total waste of time. And let me tell you, it aint easy to type with these big ‘ole paws of mine, so it is VERY frustrating.

My dad being the hot, crazy, over passionate, and easilly frustrated guy that he is, is all of a sudden talking of revolution, striking back at the “Man”, taking it to the streets and getting a grass roots revolt against the evil Orwellian crazy Liberal ‘1984 privacy invasion and lack of quality corporate crap they’re trying to shove down our throats. !!!!!!!!!!! He really got “tweaked” when he emailed wordpress and they responded with a “uh, duh, what? duh.” like some oblivious dope with his head up his …um, better leave it at that.

Me…I’m like “ugh, sigh, it’s crappy but just deal with it” kinda’ dog.

You see my dad has never been a dog. Us dogs know that you aren’t in controll of your own destiny, even if you do everything right. We just take it as  it comes. …which usually is crappy. If he had to stay in the house all day waiting for ME to come home just to go pee, poop, or to play and had to do that everyday, THEN, he’d understand. THEN, he would know why I get so maniacally happy and jump around and pounce on him when he does come home.

Life Lesson: You have to realize that there are somethings you just have to accept.  (but you can always find a way to “stick it to the man”)