Best Birthday Ever! (Also My Only One)

I am one year old today. I do not really feel any different from yesterday, but my humans are celebrating, so who am I to say no? I think we are supposed to be happy because I have managed to stay alive for this long. And because my mommy has not eaten me yet.

When my mom and dad came home, they had me wear a stupid hat whose strings are not even long enough to go around my neck. It was annoying but I got to eat the hat so I guess it was not too bad.

Then came the cake. My dad got it from the Beacon Barkery. They have THE BEST stuff ever! YUMMMMM!

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Then the 20 piece chicken nuggets.

Then I got to eat half my mom’s steak with mushroom sauce. And a lot of my dad’s french fries.  And I get to have a birthday pie for dessert!

I may not get why humans do birthdays, but I have decided That I Like It!

Life Lesson: Birthdays are when people who love you spoil you (more than usual). Take advantage. It only happens once a year.

Oops I did it again.

  I think there was a song something about this. I believe the artist was Brittany Spaniel or something like that. Oh, my mom said , Brittany Spears not spaniel. …I thought they were called Broccoli Spears? …what do I know, I’m just a puppy.     Anyway, I didn’t mean to do it, (again). I didn’t know my dad was going to bend over me just as I decided to jump up. Sorry for the head but dad.

I think my dads way to get me to stop playing is to hit me in the head with his nose. then he falls down and rolls around and finally just lies there holding his head back.

Life Lesson: I’s all fun and games untill someone gets hurt.

Not The Only One Afraid

When you think of yourself as being cute and cuddly, it is shocking to realize that somebody else thinks of you as Frightful, With Big Teeth.

My mom’s family has the Afraid-Of-Dogs gene. My mom is actually also afraid of dogs. The only reason she is not afraid of me is because I am her son, and she got me when I was a puppy. I have an ate (older female relative) who is so afraid of me that she could not go into my house unless I am in my leash and somebody is holding me.

That’s the reason I have my prong collar and my leash on in the picture. Inside the house. I was not used to it, but I didn’t complain. I really, really wanted to smell her and play with her. We did walking around the house only four people apart. We sat down three people apart. Then she sat on her mom’s lap, and I sat on my dad’s. Then with her hand on her mom’s, they both held out their hands so I could smell them. Before she left, she at least was able to pet me and stroke me behind my ears. So I am content.

Life Lesson:  When you are afraid, it helps to have someone to hold on to.





We would like other people to think we are cleaner than we really are.

I usually like my toys scattered all over the floor. This way, if I get tired of one toy, I could just scoot my butt over to the next one without actually getting up.  In this I am my mommy’s son. When my dad first started dating my mom, he was surprised to find a spaghetti server beside her bed. At first he was too shy to ask her about it, but when he eventually did, she just laughed and told him it was for scratching her back. And that’s basically the story of my mom’s life: seemingly random things close together, in places where they don’t belong, because in my mom’s mind, she would not have to get up. Life BM (Before ME or Before Meatball) was simple because my mom would at least try to be neat, and in exchange she got a GOFER – my dad. When I came, things just got to be too much for my dad. He basically gave up and just gets happy if he could find a non-messy spot.

It all changed when we were going to have company. My mom invited one of her aunts to sleep over one night and the house needed to be clean. They put all my toys in my crate and I had no access to it! There were no more wet towels lying around to lie on when I felt like it. My house was just boring space. The good thing about having guests is that they don’t stay long, so now I once again lounge in our messy, wet, lived in space.  I think I would make a good pig.

Life Lesson:  There is order in chaos, and chaos in order.