When Fair is Unfair

When my mom and I eat, it is almost a given that 2/3 of the food is mine. My mom loves the concept of food and eating. She likes buying a lot of food – like my dad, she is afraid of going hungry. But after a few bites, eating becomes a chore for her. I think it is because she is getting old. I don’t mind, I get all of her leftovers.

Yesterday, she was able to score one cassava sumanĀ (sticky rice cake). She was so happy because this is one of her favorite Filipino dessert. She ate it today. It’s my favorite too, so I kept pawing her thigh to remind her that I should get my share. It became a one for you, one for me deal. It drove me nuts. First of all, she eats very slowly. I already swallowed my share and she’s still starting on hers. I kept pawing her to let her know that it should be one bite for her, two bites for me. It is only fair. I am younger, hungrier, and I eat faster. She probably doesn’t need the calories. I definitely do. Plus, it is just the way things are.

Because she is Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, she ate slower, took bigger bites for herself and ignored me at the tail end of the Suman. Next time maybe I’ll try Jedi mind tricks.

Life Lesson: Do not assume you are entitled to blessings, you will be more thankful.