Beaten Up

It is easy to be brave when you think you are going to win.

There is probably nobody else to blame but me. When we went to the park to play we met a 2 1/2 year old pit bull named Louis. He was smaller, shorter, leaner. I thought I could easily dominate him. After the usual hi and butt-smelling, I tried to mount him. Big Mistake.

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He probably thought I was a stupid puppy. (He was probably right.) When I was showing off my jumping and running skills, he just looked at me. I think he lost his temper when I started invading his personal space. It probably took him only 5 seconds to get me under him – with my face in his butt. It didn’t take a lot of effort for him to keep me underneath him too. I was humiliated. My dad and his mom would separate us, then we would go at it again, and I would lose again. And again. And again.

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And fighting skills was not the only category that I lost. Louis’ mom gave us Louis’ business card. He has a home phone, a cell phone, an email address, and his own website. My Tiger Mom wanted to go nuclear. She had wanted my dad to make a Meatball business card with the blog name and my picture on it. He never got around to doing it and now she is mad because somebody beat her to it.

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I would like to think that it was my prong collar, my dad’s stronger hold on me, and the fact that I had only a little space to maneuver were the reasons why I lost my first REAL fighting bout. But in the end, I would have to admit, that it is probably because I have too big, too clumsy, too inexperienced a body, and too small a brain.

But I am young. And at least NOT afraid to learn.

Life Lesson: What does not kill you, makes you strong.

Not The Only One Afraid

When you think of yourself as being cute and cuddly, it is shocking to realize that somebody else thinks of you as Frightful, With Big Teeth.

My mom’s family has the Afraid-Of-Dogs gene. My mom is actually also afraid of dogs. The only reason she is not afraid of me is because I am her son, and she got me when I was a puppy. I have an ate (older female relative) who is so afraid of me that she could not go into my house unless I am in my leash and somebody is holding me.

That’s the reason I have my prong collar and my leash on in the picture. Inside the house. I was not used to it, but I didn’t complain. I really, really wanted to smell her and play with her. We did walking around the house only four people apart. We sat down three people apart. Then she sat on her mom’s lap, and I sat on my dad’s. Then with her hand on her mom’s, they both held out their hands so I could smell them. Before she left, she at least was able to pet me and stroke me behind my ears. So I am content.

Life Lesson:  When you are afraid, it helps to have someone to hold on to.




All Pooped Out

Its hard to predict how your day will go… even if you have a good breakfast.

My mom made us hotdogsilog for breakfast. It was so good! And I was so happy because she didn’t leave me. She woke up, made breakfast then we went upstairs again to take a nap.

After waking up and eating again, my dad came home from work and took us to the park. I was so excited because we were all together hanging out. It was a cold day but the Hudson River was beautiful. We kept warm by running in between strolls. We were having such a good time – until my dad decided it would be fun to play catch in the basketball court.

I love playing catch, and I am very good at it. However, I couldn’t concentrate on my game because I was so spooked by the backboards. The sound the ball makes when it hits a backboard made it worse. Then I didn’t want to play anymore. My dad tried to coax me into smelling the pole underneath it. I couldn’t. My dad got frustrated and tied me to one. Then I was really scared. Even with the prong collar on, I tugged with all I’ve got, but I still couldn’t get free. I was such a mess that I just cried. And my dad set me free. But everybody was already out of sorts so we just went home.

This video doesn’t exist

And now I am Tired.

Life Lesson: If you feel tired because everything seems to be going wrong, take comfort. At least you are not hungry.