Daddy’s Home

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I have always loved chewing on my daddys’ arm. I think it is something he taught me when I was young. He would let me chew on it when he wanted to play. No one else let me chew on their arms and I wasn’t allowed to either. Even to this day I only chew on my daddys’ arm. Now I don’t even want to chew on any one else’s arms. I think he suffered a lot of small little needle sharp puppy teeth bites in the name of playing with me.

Back then I would crawl all over him to play, he was like a mountain to climb or a large prey to bring down. He could pick me up and push me around or make me stop whenever he wanted. It was like I was his toy. I really love playing with my dad. He knew just the right games and he taught me so much more than ‘playing”, I think he helped teach me to be a dog. I think he is part dog.

When he goes away to work or out wherever I miss him. I really miss him when he is gone long or when he is gone when normally he should be home, like when he has to work late. However unlike when I was little now when he comes home I can make him play.  Now he has to stay when I want him to, now I can sit on him untill I am sure he won’t leave again, now he is my toy!

I am so happy when he gets home and my pack is all together. I love to lick his face and I still love to bite his arms. I am very carefull because now I can easily fit his whole forearm in my mouth. I can crush it but never would. He’s my dad, he is tough, and I am gentle. I still love holding his arm in my mouth it is our bond and it is how we play.


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Life Lesson: Never stop playing

My Dad is still Steaming, Crazy, Livid! because WordPress has turned really crappy

 Word Press is the blog hosting company I use. Well apparently they made some changes. They have become more invasive, less reliable, very spotty and iffy. You never know if you are going to type out a blog, add pictures and then hit “publish” only to have the whole thing lost, wiped out, total waste of time. And let me tell you, it aint easy to type with these big ‘ole paws of mine, so it is VERY frustrating.

My dad being the hot, crazy, over passionate, and easilly frustrated guy that he is, is all of a sudden talking of revolution, striking back at the “Man”, taking it to the streets and getting a grass roots revolt against the evil Orwellian crazy Liberal ‘1984 privacy invasion and lack of quality corporate crap they’re trying to shove down our throats. !!!!!!!!!!! He really got “tweaked” when he emailed wordpress and they responded with a “uh, duh, what? duh.” like some oblivious dope with his head up his …um, better leave it at that.

Me…I’m like “ugh, sigh, it’s crappy but just deal with it” kinda’ dog.

You see my dad has never been a dog. Us dogs know that you aren’t in controll of your own destiny, even if you do everything right. We just take it as  it comes. …which usually is crappy. If he had to stay in the house all day waiting for ME to come home just to go pee, poop, or to play and had to do that everyday, THEN, he’d understand. THEN, he would know why I get so maniacally happy and jump around and pounce on him when he does come home.

Life Lesson: You have to realize that there are somethings you just have to accept.  (but you can always find a way to “stick it to the man”)

HEY! Where Did All That White Stuff Go?

 I remeber that day! We had so much fun running and playing in the white stuff, the thing they kept calling “snow”. It was cold outside so we never got too hot. It was wet. It tasted good. It was fun. And then it was gone.

People were sleigh riding, but I didn’t care. They were far away and I had an entire field to myself to run around in.

 Maybe one day I can go sleigh riding or tobaganning. Maybe one day the snow will come back. Hey, I don’t have to shovel, I get to play!

Life Lesson: When the flowers are out stop and smell the flowers, but if they are not, it doesn’t mean to quit, Stop and play in the snow!

I Want to PLAY!!!

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My Mom and Dad came home today for lunch. It was great, what a suprise. We ate, we walked a bit and we started to play….then they left again. I was so bummed out. Lonely again. I barked but they left anyway, sigh.   So, I just went back to sleep.

 Then my Dad came back home later. How long was I out? How much later? I don’t know…dogs can’t tell time, so I have no idea why you asked.

All I do know is I was well fed, well rested, bored and really, really, ready to play!
We walked, we ran and my Dad wanted to do other things, but I was having none of that. I WANT TO PLAY!    So, I badgered him and bit him, ( not too hard) and kept running around and MADE him play with me. He owed me, I have been cooped up all day. We ran, we walked, we played tug, we played fetch, ( sort of, …sometimes I don’t want to bring the whatever back. I make him go get it). we bit each other, I jumped on him, we stayed outside and got fresh air, we hung out. We had fun! A lot of FUN!

Life Lesson: Play is very important so make sure you take the time to have fun!

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