It was 93 F today in Beacon, NY but with the humidity, it felt like 105. But my fur coat did not stop me today. I dragged my mom and my dad to a half mile hike to the park. It was like jogging in a sauna. But we had cotton candy ice cream after. Life is still good.

Life Lesson: It is not too hot if you have ice cream.

Mr. Deer and Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Deer and Mr. Rabbit

Where we live is almost like a Beatrix Potter story place. And our stories could be Beatrix Potter stories – only in ours, the parents get in trouble too.

Our backyard continues on to be a wetland/sanctuary, so we have a lot of animals without humans to take care of running around in our backyard. We have Bert (short for Colbert), a groundhog who lives just at the very edge of our property. We see him a lot  but he usually is running so by the time my mommy gets her camera out, he is long gone.

Across the street from, there is also a small woodland that is part of a park. A lot of animals hang out there too. There is a groundhog family there that our Bert visit sometimes. We know because we sometimes see Bert coming from there.

Then there is deer EVERYWHERE. We have so much deer that the humans in our county would have deer culling every so often. They are probably afraid that the deer someday realize that they can probably defeat the humans in a revolution. They are probably right.

There is also Mr. Red Fox. You could see him sometimes crossing the street with a baby groundhog in his mouth. He is probably not babysitting.

Then there is Mr. Deer and Mr. Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit is a little brown rabbit who lives underneath the deck of out next door neighbor. He is friends with a particular young deer, and who we call Mr. Deer. We know they are friends because Mr. Deer would often visit and will venture close to the deck just to be with Mr. Rabbit. We saw them both one time sitting in the back lawn together, gossiping like old ladies. I wish I could be friends with them too.

Mr. Rabbit, in case you cannot see him from the above pic

They may not be friends for long though, if my Mommy has her way. She wants Mr. Rabbit. She does not even know what for. And she doesn’t even know what she will do with him if and when she does get him. She just knows that she wants him. Maybe because he is cute. Or maybe because he is the only one that she can realistically capture. But she is not even willing to go get him herself. One time when we were walking and we saw Mr. Rabbit happily hopping on his way home, and she told me to “Go get it!”. I just looked at her funny and wished Mr. Rabbit good luck on his way home. If there is anybody wild in our community, it is probably my Mommy. She is lucky she has me and my dad distracting her so she will not give in to her dark side.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: You should also prepare for success. – Christopher Ungaro, Wise Man, Daddy, Best Friend



My Mom’s Birthday Cake

This is my very happy face.

My aunt brought my mom her most favorite cake of all – brazo de mercedes – all the way from Red Ribbon Bakeshop in Queens, NY for her birthday. My mom gave everybody a little piece and saved a third of it for herself for later.

She was having her second to the last piece when her phone rang. She left the cake at the table to get it. My dad is MIA. The cake smelled so good, I could not possibly resist. I went up to the plate and tasted it. It was so good. I wished I could have the whole cake to herself, but if I took too much I might get in trouble.

When my mom came back she started laughing. I do not know what gave me away. Maybe she noticed that half the cake was missing and it had shredded carrots in it (she gave me her leftover pancit before I had the cake). Or maybe it was because I had soft white meringue on my snout. Then my dad came home. My mommy told him the story and he started laughing too. They decided that I could have the rest of the cake.

My parents are cool!

Life Lesson: Sometimes, if you hang on long enough, you get really lucky!

At The Beacon Long Dock Park

Sometimes things only go right.

I should be sad today because I got stood up. My little girl friend forgot to tell her mommy about our date, so they made plans to go somewhere else. Also, my mommy gave her a Ruby doll. I almost got in trouble for jumping on her grandmother (tasked with giving her the gift) because I wanted the doll for myself.

So we went to Long Dock Park instead. It is Beacon’s newest park. It has a kayak pavilion, which houses kayaks for rent during weekends. It also has the Beacon Point Project, which is almost like a sculpture that juts out to the river and lets the water in during high tide so people can fish there. The picture above was taken there.

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That’s not even the best part. There is a farmer’s market every Sunday where you can get all sorts of goodies. Today we had Nordic crepes and lamb spring rolls. I didn’t even have to beg. My mommy’s food is my food.

And there are so many dogs and people to meet. Somebody said I’m a Horsey. Another said I’m just a little pony. Everybody had been so nice to me.

I am also getting to be more confident. I try to go to new places now. I still sometimes get scared but not as much as I used to.

Life Lesson: Count your blessings, instead of your misfortunes.


Vintage Cars, Food Trips and Feelings

Outpost BBQ, Kerhonkson, NY

Some days are just roller-coastery.

Two days ago, my life seemed normal. I promptly found out that I was mistaken. My dad recently sold his 1972 Volvo 142S, and he has been pining for another vintage car since then. He wants to get another one to fix up, maybe a Fiat, a Lancia Fulvia, or an Alfa Romeo, and he has been trolling Craigslist for them. He is willing to drive hours just to look at a car. My mom would come along for the ride, she likes visiting new places, and more importantly, she likes discovering good places to get good food at cheap prices.

A week ago they went to look at a 1979 Fiat 124 Spider at Kerhonkson, NY. My dad didn’t like the car because it was too rusted, but my mom found a great BBQ place where she found the best beef brisket she has ever had!

So two days ago, my dad went to Bloomingburg, NY to look at a 1976 Alfa Alfetta. My dad took both my mom and me. I was very excited. I wasn’t going to be left behind! The car turned out to be junky but because it was only 45 minutes to Kerhonkson, my mom wanted to try the BBQ place’s pulled pork. To get to Kerhonkson you will need to go over a mountain with very steep cliffs. My dad didn’t want to go over the mountain again as he is afraid of heights (my mom is too), but they decided that the good BBQ was worth it. It was fun to see my dad driving at the shoulder of the road, almost touching the cliff rock just so he could drive as far from the edge as possible. When we got there, it was my turn to be afraid. There was a very noisy lawn mower going around and the big bad colorful umbrella was giving me the shivers. I refused to leave the car even with bribes of cold water and good beef brisket and pulled pork. Little did I know that it was a test of whether they could take me to a far longer Road Trip.

My mom found out that she doesn’t have to work for 2 days. She wanted to go to Maine to get lobsters. My dad wanted to go to Vermont to a pancake place he read about. They decided they were going to do both – WITHOUT ME! I was so heartbroken! My Lola Ellie and my Lolo Dave came to babysit me, but I had just barely met them. I couldn’t sleep well the first night. I couldn’t decide whether to stay in my parents room where their scent is still strong, or go to the guest room where my Lola was sleeping. I tried to lick my Lolo a couple of times, hoping he was my dad. I followed my Lola around the whole day the next day. I didn’t want her to leave me too. That second night, I just slept at my parents’ bed, so I could savor their fading smell.

Sugar and Spice, Mendon, VT

Sugar and Spice, Mendon, VT

Meanwhile, my parents drove 3 hours to Massachusetts and spent the night there. They called and asked how I was but they were still gone. They had to drive another 3 1/2 hrs to Mendon, VT.  My dad just had regular buttermilk pancakes and my mom had their Maple Walnut specialty pancakes, and they said the travel was worth it.

Maine was another 3 1/2 hours from there. But way past the middle, almost at the edge of the Middle Of Nowhere, New Hampshire, my dad spotted a 1986 Fiat X-19. It was not listed anywhere but only had an old For Sale Sign at the dashboard. He said it was the best car he has seen so far, not really the model/make he wanted, but he’s still fantasizes about it. I think he will recruit my Poppy into returning there to take a look at the car again.

Beach Plum Lobster Farm, Ogunquit, ME

First and last stop in Maine – Beach Plum Lobster Farm in Ogunquit. Its not a restaurant but you can get your lobsters cooked for you there, eat at their outside picnic tables for half the price you would pay in a restaurant. My mom had her first lobster fix (plus the parts that my dad didn’t want) there. This is also last stop as you can get your live lobsters to take home here too.

Wiscasset, ME by the bridge near Red's Eats

Another popular cheapish eating place is Red’s Eats, in Wiscasset, ME. They say their lobster rolls are world class, and they might be right. Or, you could get another lobster meal at Sprague’s, which is right across from Red’s.

My parents spent the night at Boothbay Harbor. They wanted to get $5 T-shirts but they came too late. They didn’t call me because they didn’t want to sound like anxious parents, but my dad wanted to drive home that night because he missed me. My mom refused because she wanted another blueberry pancake and blueberry pie. This fix she got from Maine Diner, in Wells, which she thinks is just as good as the Vermont pancakes.

It was a long two days. I missed them so much. But I am glad that they were able to satisfy their cravings, but I am gladder that they are back, and we are whole pack again.

Life Lesson:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder… probably up to two weeks.