I am Now a Documented Worker

Like some second rate dog I used to have to sneak around without being noticed. I was always worried that the truth would come out. That I would not be able to substatiate the claims that I was an English Mastiff. That I was not really a big dog. That I really did come from a good family and my daddy wasn’t just some “bootlegger” or something and my mommy wasn’t just another bitch.

But do you see the above paper? THAT my friends shows my provenance, my breeding, my family background and tree! That is AKC papers! That is what gives me the right to act like some diva, nobility, lazy, do what I want dog! It says that My name is Madigan The Great Barrington! It says that my momĀ is Madigan’s Annie Oakly! It says that my dad is Manseutus Madigan of Oz!

I am a great and noble breed from a great family and from great Breeders – Madigans Mastiffs! I am someone! AND I intend to be the spoiled noble dog that I am!……(or as much as I can get away with, with my easy, sweet, loveable/scamable people mom and dad).

And Oh By The Way..I also have this!>>>

Thats right a DIPLOMA!

and after all of this bluster, I’m not going to do any work, Whadda” you kiddin’ me?

Life Lesson: Diplomas, papers, breeding are one thing, but who you are as a dog is what is really important!