OMG !!!! Now We Have Spaghetti !!!!

Spaghetti, meatball and i

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but the upgrade to WordPress really stinks and it makes it SO hard to write a post these days.  anyway……………

 My dad comes home today with some upstart “mini me” ‘cept it is a girl. Yeah, a pudgy little thick legged square headed bundle of adventure. He says it is Moms Valentine day present, but I think she is going to be daddy’s little girl, (Ok big little girl).

 Here is the story….. My dad goes to the vet this morning to get my  Heartguard heartworm medicine which he forgot to do last week. So, while he is there Vicky, (the receptionist)says she just got an English mastiff puppy. That starts the conversation all about us big gentle giants. My dad ends up asking if she was expensive and Vicky says, “No, someone in town just had 10 puppies and all they wanted was for them to go to good homes. ” You mean Free? So long story short, my dad calls the lady who by then has only 3 left and says he can be there in 20 minutes. He picks out this hot little number and drives it to my mom’s work at Orange Pediatric Care, (with offices on New Windsor and in Beacon) and has someone tell my mom to come out becasue my dad brouht Spaghetti for lunch.,..and the rest is history….well history to be written as we go.

Spaghetti 6 weeks tired

Life Lesson: When by chance serendipity happens and all the starts aline and just fall into your lap, ya’ have to go for it!   Don’t squander precious time hemming and hawing, Just say YES.


 Now there is kinda’ tired, sort of tired, tired, very tired, and DOG TIRED. In the above picture I was “sort of tired”. I had to run and play ball a few times with my dad and then we rested.

Here I am tired. It was a long day and I needed to take a break and rest. A dog’s day can be very arduous!

Then today I had my usual running around. Then later my dad took me to Memorial Park in Beacon to walk around, then to the park at the east end of main street to walk more, then to the office to visit my mom, (but she was playing hooky and had left!) I saw Sarah instead. Which was nice because I see my mom all of the time but Sarah usually only at the other office in New Windsor. I drank a whole lot of water there and kinda’ conked out on the floor. I was able to rest a little but not much. A “dog day afternoon” if there ever was one.

Later I played with mom and dad a bit …also tiring. AND THEN…. later my dad took me out for a walk, but as we were walking we saw a rabitt. Needless to say we took chase and ran around the house into the back yard where upon the rabbitt lost us by running into the woods and whadda’ ya’ know there was a deer. He/she took off so I wanted to chase too, but being a dog was easilly distracted by my dad throwing my leash. Man, do I LOVE chasing my leash! so we ran around throwing and chasing my leash. It gets better! My mom then came out and I was so ecstatic that we were all out running around that I ran like a crazy nut dog untill I was exhausted.

No it is late and I am still wiped out with the events of the day. It has been a hard days night! So now I get to sleep.

 hmmm. old photo when I still had my harness, (before I broke it), when I was still small.

Life Lesson: Playing can be hard work.