Not Much Today………

 Not much to write about today. Mom and dad worked. Dad came home around 2:30 or so and we walked to the park and then half way around where upon I decided I didn’t wan to go the whole way so I did my best mule imitation and made my dad turn around and then we walked home. He called me stupid and said it was the same distance once we got half way around, but I called him stupid because he doesn’t know that the first half smells better anyway. So then we got home and I crashed inmy usual spot when I am hot after a long walk…right in front of the air conditioning duct.

I used to lie there last year and it would cool almost all of me off. Now it jsut cools my butt. In guess I grew a bit.

 Yup, that is the same duct, I’m just facing the other way. I guess I grew from the legnth of one cabinet to ..oh about two and a half cabinets. Is that a lot?

Anyway I like the A/C duct it’s MY spot!

Later my mom came home and took me to work with her and dad at the other office for the late shift. I met three new kids and a bunch of others outside, we stayed late untill maybe 8:30 or so…but that is people time so divide by 7 and it isn’t so bad.

Life Lesson: Know where to stake out your territory and learn to enjoy your time together.