Sometimes what we feel like inside does not reflect what we look like outside.

I love sitting in my mommy’s lap. She usually sits on the floor and I would go to her and sit on her lap. She would then rub my belly or my ears, and gush about how lucky I am that I got my good looks from her.

In my mind’s eye, I am small, soft, cute and cuddly.  I guess in reality I am getting less and less so. She loves having me in her lap, she laughs and seems to be so happy when I do. Yet now my mom could not even last five minutes with me in her lap – something about my butt killing her legs. I wish I could be small, soft and cuddly all the time. But that is not meant to be.

At least I win in wrestling matches.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Embrace your size and make it work for you.


People are going to try to sell you a different story.

Because of the previous post, my dad is threatening to write that it was my mommy who hit me with a frying pan.  Anybody who knows would know this is a lie – My mommy wouldn’t know where to get the frying pan!

Life Lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear (or read).

My 125th Post! I Am “MEATBALL”

  You’ve probably have seen this picture of me before. It was when I first came to my new home. I was just about 8 weeks old and small.

A lot has happened over the past months. I have learned a lot. I have become less scared of scary things, I have had a few meals. I have been a few places. I have broken my daddy’s nose, I have chewed up all of my mommies slippers. I have out grown 3 collars and broken a harness, and I have made this house my own.

  Yet there is still so much ahead. So much I don’t know yet. So much I have yet to learn. So much I have yet to experience. So much I have yet to eat. So much I have yet to chew up, rip apart, and destroy. So many places I have yet to visit. So many people I have yet to meet. So many of friends I have yet to play with, and so much territory I have yet to claim as my own.

 I am still small, but I am “Meatball” and this is me now.

Life Lesson: You will learn a lot and do a lot, yet you will always have more to learn and more to do. Savor and enjoy the journey as it is your story and your story is you.