…..And In Other Exciting News……

 Mom is not feeling well, so I am sad.  I don’t know what to do. How can I make her feel better?………….Maybe I should eat? at least I will feel better!

 Hmmmm, Yum, that was good….in fact yes! I do feel better!    ….now I should rest, maybe that will help also?

 Oh yeah, that hits the spot! Now what to do tomorrow?

 I’ll tell dad to take better care of mom so it looks like my job here is done 🙂 !

Life Lesson: When your mom is sick tell dad to handle it. ( I am not sure if that is really the good and positive “Life Lesson” I am supposed to be teaching here, but then again training humans is hard….some of them aren’t too bright………dad….not to mention any names or nothin’)

4 Collars

 The red one on the left is my new one it fits just right and it has some room to grow. I believe it opens up to 28 inches.  the next one was just replaced. It was the one I was using but my dad had to put an extra hole in it so it wouldn’t choke me. It went up to 2 inches. The one before that only lasted a few weeks and I outgrew it. It looks almost as big as the one after it, but it really isn’t.

And the little collar on the right was my first collar. I got it when they took me home when I was 8 weeks old. I am not sure how big in diameter it is. I started wearing it as it is shown now, but my dad had to keep expanding it every few weeks so it would fit.,

So from 8 weeks, (lets say 2 months), untill 10 months….I’m not good at math but I’ll guess that is about 8 months my neck went from the little one to the big red one at about 25 inches around. I wonder how long it will be untill I outgrow this one?

Oh, by the way I got a new friend. My mom bougth me a lion! She is the sweetest!

Life Lesson: A collar is a retraint, but some restraints are needed, …..as long as they are not too tight.


Lean On Me, …uh, on YOU!

 This is my Mom and Dad, my real Mom and Dad. They loved leaning on people in order to get the people to pet them, rub their ears, and in general pay attention to them. It is kind of hard for a person to ignore 440 lbs. of dogs leaning on them.

Recently I have learned the “trick” of leaning on my human mom and dad and are training them to pay more ..better, attention to me.  Boy, does it ever work! I’m only about 135 lbs. and when I lean on either of them they almost fall all over themselves to hold on to me! Woohoo! Weight, ( pun ) untill I get to be a big dog, then I can really “exert” my influence!

In fact I come from a family of leaners. Just look at my album…

That is Mom and Aunt, …ooops I forgot her name. Maybe Dad or my uncle is in that picture too. It is hard to tell.

One day I hope to visit them again and we can all “lean out”

Life Lesson: We all need someone to lean on!    ( preferably they will be a well trained human who won’t fall over and will rub your ears).


Not The Only One Afraid

When you think of yourself as being cute and cuddly, it is shocking to realize that somebody else thinks of you as Frightful, With Big Teeth.

My mom’s family has the Afraid-Of-Dogs gene. My mom is actually also afraid of dogs. The only reason she is not afraid of me is because I am her son, and she got me when I was a puppy. I have an ate (older female relative) who is so afraid of me that she could not go into my house unless I am in my leash and somebody is holding me.

That’s the reason I have my prong collar and my leash on in the picture. Inside the house. I was not used to it, but I didn’t complain. I really, really wanted to smell her and play with her. We did walking around the house only four people apart. We sat down three people apart. Then she sat on her mom’s lap, and I sat on my dad’s. Then with her hand on her mom’s, they both held out their hands so I could smell them. Before she left, she at least was able to pet me and stroke me behind my ears. So I am content.

Life Lesson:  When you are afraid, it helps to have someone to hold on to.




Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is like fireworks – you wait for it, it is spectacular when it comes, then it is all over.

One day after I got Froggie, I ripped his arm off and systematically emptied him of stuffing. I even managed to get the squeaker out of him.

My dad and my mom are both working again so I go back to having eight hour naps in the daytime. I miss having them but I guess I could use a nap – Christmas is exhausting! But I cannot wait until the next one comes again.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Exciting is good. But normal and boring is probably just as good.