Good News, Bad News, Bad News

 First The good news. My daddy won “favorite Italian Car” in the Hemmings car show up in Saratoga earlier this summer and there is a picture and a mention in the latest issue of “Hemming Sports & Exotics” magazine, wooohooo.

…but it is short lived….

1stBadNews:                                                                                                                       While driving up near Canaan Ct. today he bottomed out (the car bottomed out, his bottom is ok) at a dip in the road and he smashed the bottom of the car. He thinks he cracked the oil pan, cause after pulling over it started leaking out …a lot. So for tonight his prized love is sitting all alone out in the cold in a foriegn land 100 miles from home.

2nd Bad News:                                                                                                                          I was running yesterday whith joy and exuberance like a crazy dog because I was SO happy when my mom came home and I slipped and fell. I hurt my toe! Really, mom and dad are very concerned because I keep licking at it. If they try to touch it I pull away and then lick at it some more. I don’t think I broke anything because I still walk fine, but it hurts. (btw, joy and exuberance are all ok)

So it has been a so so weekend and I haven’t even checked who won Football, (hopefully Cowboys and the Lions) or Formula 1, (Hopefully Alonso and Ferarri)!

Life Lesson: You have to take the good with the bad…and the bad with the good.

Mine, Mine, all Mine!

Yeah, this is thought to be my dad’s car, one of them, but the other day I claimed it, so now it is mine. I have always wanted a Volkwagen TDI Jetta Sportwagen. You see being of the canine persuasian I get to claim things and then they become mine. I am not sure if that is capitalist because I can just make a grab and take it, or if it is communist, because I can re-distribute what someone else has earned and now take it?

How do I go about claiming it you ask?  …I just went out and pee’d on it….so now it is mine! (sorry no photos of me peeing on my dad’s car, this is supposed to be a family blog).

He was a little “pissed” at me, (sorry for the pun). We left the house to go on our usual walk, typically I would mark the corner of the lawn. However I passed that and when my dad was looking somewhere else I just lifted my leg and ….by the time he turned and saw me, (wondering why I stopped), I had claimed the back bumper. Hey it is no different than an old time explorer sticking his countries flag into someone elses land and claiming it for the crown. We have all seen that astronaught guy stick a flag on the moon…I put my marker on dad’s car and now it is mine! tough luck, …………now where are the keys? Only kidding I don’t want to drive it myself. I will still use dad as my chaffeur.

Ok, gotta go….wind in the hair, nose, ears, snout wheeeee….

Life Lesson: If you are going to pee on a car and claim it, don’t pee on the station wagon, pee on the convertible or the Maserati! …..however than you may not live to see your next ride.

Sleeping Beauty

 ….Once there was a handsome prince……

…Who was under a spell from a beautiful princess…..who everyone thought was evil….Ok, not really evil, maybe just a little bit naughty sometimes.

….She made everyone do her bidding for her. They were known as her “minions”. It really tired them out.

People would see these minions all tired out and sleeping and they mistook this for them being lazy bums. AH!, but this was NOT the case. You see they were meerly under her spell and like zombies they would do what she wanted.  Often these things were very trying and taxing upon them. Some have said that the minions often feigned sleeping to dupe the princess into thinking they were worn out. She would easily believe this as being tired out was part of her natural state and thought it was normal for everyone else to sleep 23 hours a day as she did.

The handsome prince had as his faithful companion and wondeous beast. The beast was so incredibile that everyone who met him was in awe.  For he was talented, nice, smart, and had a Maserati.

Yet the two of them were often  trapped by the wicked spell of the naughty, little, sorceress, beautiful, princess.

 But one day they will be able to rise up and throw off the spell that enslaves them…………untill she brings more snacks,…………..then it is back to being happy minions.

Life Lesson: A happy fed minion is better than a hungry minion.