Love Is………..Stupid!

Lately my dad has taken to refering to me with all sorts of new names. He would say c’mon dumb a**, or let’s go stupid, or even something like, “if you want to come inside you first have to get out of the car idiot. Now I didn’t know these were mean names, I just thought he was confused as to what my name was. Maybe he forgot, I don’t know?

Anyway my mom told him to stop and call me something nice. So he started calling me genius! very nice . He would say something like “good move genius” after I did something bad. He would also use it like, “sigh, do you need to go out again genius?”

BUT, I know he is only kidding and he really loves me, because that dummy went out and bought me a 4 lb. BEEF ROAST!!!           YUP,  He’s eating nachos and I am eating roast beef! He is stuck with left over chicken and I have ROAST BEEF!!!!.


   nah nah na-nah nah. I get roast beef, I get roast beef. My dad is an idiot…..but I love him. ( my mom said to my dad, “nice move genius.”)

Life Lesson: Sometimes it is the actions of the one who loves you, not the words.

Too Many Dogs in the USA Go Hungry Every Day

 Yes, it is sad but true! Many American dogs do indeed go hungry every day. I myself go hungry at least three times a day and I have to wait for some human, (usually my dad) to feed me. Then I am better, but sooner or later the hunger comes back. Hunger is like a disease, but at least there is a cure….more food.

I was a little under the weather earlier this week and my apetite wasn’t great. Now however I am much better! The good folks at Hudson Highlands Vetinary in Beacon really are good. I LOVE them. They made me feel better and now I want to play, walk, and EAT.

My dad took me for a bunch of different and long walks this weekend. We went to the park one way. Then we went to the park another way. we ran around the ballfield. We went to the park with my mom, ( I never knew she could walk that far!). We ran around, we played tug, we, (ok, I) chewed sticks, and boy -oh – boy did we get hungry! It is so sad when I have to go hungry. I had to wait and wait for my food. It took a long time, maybe even more than minutes, like a lot of minutes all added up to equal several minutes!

So when you see a hungry dog give him a cookie, (like the old saying in the old movies……”brother can you spare a cookie”?)

Pretty soon I’ll be able to get my own food.

Life Lesson: MANGIA!

Gung Hoy Fat Choi

Happy New Years! – the Chinese New Year! the Year of the DRAGON!!!! oooh.


 If I were to be a dragon, this is the kind of dragon I’d want to be. Not a dragon like Barney. that soft puple fool, btw, is he still alive?

I want to be a big fearsome dragon. But also a benevolent and just dragon. A dragon that protects the good people, that protects the home, and that protects……my food supply!, (especially the better treats and stuff).

I want to be a good luck dragon, one that brings good health, love, prosperity, good luck, and happines.

I have some of the makings of a dragon. I have big ears, though they are sort of floppy. I have the big teeth. I can breath fire sometimes…ok, ok, it kinda’ comes out the other end, but it could be fire if someone lights a match.

So to everyone everywhere, May the year of the dragon be off to an auspicious start and may that follow through the entire year!

Life Lesson: No matter who you are, you can choose the path you take. It is your choice.