SO, How Was Your Day?

 My dad took me out to the park, (Memorial park) three times! Yes, We walked there three time today! AND we also went to Long Dock Park once, (Sorry Ryder for not being there this morning, my mom had to catch a train and my dad was running late and it looked kinda’ like rain…and we never got out of the house on time).

In between I hung out with my dad, we worked in the basement. My dad is building an exam table for the Beacon office of Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. located at 301 Main Street Beacon, NY. 12508 (845) 831-5995….(cheap plug for us! wooohooo) I am the mascot…well, I get to hang out there occasionally. so we were in the basement putting a final coat of finish on it. we also had to fix the blasted water heater again, (It is an AO Smith Promax water heater, my dad says it is a piece of junk because the VF sensor is always getting triggered and turning the water heater off. (the VF sensor is the “volatile fume” sensor bu tit is way too sensitive and even if the basement is a little dusty it goes off or if he is letting varnish dry). …that was the “anti plug”

hmmm… what else we watched some of the Olympics, they’re in London and since I am an English Mastiff I figured I should watch. We saw some water polo, which seemed like soccer, (football over there), but in the water and some gymnastics. It was Ok, but I didn’t see any dog events at the London Olympics. They are supposed to be games, Olympic games, but everyone seemed so serious.

Then for dinner I had dog food with chicken GIBLETS! wow those were good.. My dad saute’d them, (fancy word for fried them) yyuuuuummmmmm!

…and to top it all off I got to look at and even taste just a litle of the Black cherry and berry frozen shake my dad made for my mom.

….so I had a pretty darn good day!

Life Lesson: Enjoy all of the little things that make up your day.

Heat Wave!

Everybody loves a fur coat! Oooooh, is that a mink? Rabbit? Fox?  It is like, “Oh Dahling you look fabulous!”

Well let me tell you something, when you have to live with a fur coat 24/7 in this heat, it ain’t no fun! It is Sooooo hot and I don’t mean “Hot”, I mean just plain old lousy, sweaty, smelly, crappy hot. Blech!

This is why there are wonderful things like the Majestic Hudson River So I can go swimming. Well almost swimming, sort of swimming? maybe kinda’ a little bit in the water getting my feet wet swimming.

Maybe I feel I am too big and won’t float? Labs float, they swim. I’m too fat.           Crazy labs, show offs, go to London swim in the Olympics would ya’. Maybe I would be happier with a kiddie pool? Who needs the majestic Hudson River anyway.

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Life Lesson: One persons luxury is another’s pain in the ..uh, tushie.