Am I Still CUTE?

That was me a LONG time ago when I was young,…Maybe 8 whole months ago. Everyone said I was “cute”.

 Back then everyone said that, “I was a big puppy”. I didn’t feel so big,……I still don’t.

 I think I was tiny. I couldn’t reach the table or the counter top, nuthin’.

 Now I can reach! I can reach the counter top.

 I can reach the table top.  I guess I am a little bit bigger than I used to be. ……….But am I still “cute”?

 I have lion friends that are soft and cuddly.

 I am still a little puppy,,,just not as little as some other of my little friends.

 SO? Am I still “cute”?

Life Lesson: When you get bigger you are not as little as before. BUT, you still can be “cute”.


4 Collars

 The red one on the left is my new one it fits just right and it has some room to grow. I believe it opens up to 28 inches.  the next one was just replaced. It was the one I was using but my dad had to put an extra hole in it so it wouldn’t choke me. It went up to 2 inches. The one before that only lasted a few weeks and I outgrew it. It looks almost as big as the one after it, but it really isn’t.

And the little collar on the right was my first collar. I got it when they took me home when I was 8 weeks old. I am not sure how big in diameter it is. I started wearing it as it is shown now, but my dad had to keep expanding it every few weeks so it would fit.,

So from 8 weeks, (lets say 2 months), untill 10 months….I’m not good at math but I’ll guess that is about 8 months my neck went from the little one to the big red one at about 25 inches around. I wonder how long it will be untill I outgrow this one?

Oh, by the way I got a new friend. My mom bougth me a lion! She is the sweetest!

Life Lesson: A collar is a retraint, but some restraints are needed, … long as they are not too tight.