Annoying Little Man

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I love my daddy, but sometimes he is just a jerk. He can be so annying! Yes, Yes, I know I am annoying too sometimes. Yeah, sometimes I like to play and bother him and knock him down. Sometimes I like to sit on him and not let him up. Sometimes I need to go out and pee just when the “good part” of the movie is happening, (DVR it fool!)

BUT, my daddy knows that it annoys me when he blows in my ears and I think he teases me just to get me to bite him. Teasing is like bullying and it is no longer OK. Can’t we all just get along?

This video doesn’t exist





Life Lesson: When someone teases you or bullys you strike back swift and hard!

Love Is………..Stupid!

Lately my dad has taken to refering to me with all sorts of new names. He would say c’mon dumb a**, or let’s go stupid, or even something like, “if you want to come inside you first have to get out of the car idiot. Now I didn’t know these were mean names, I just thought he was confused as to what my name was. Maybe he forgot, I don’t know?

Anyway my mom told him to stop and call me something nice. So he started calling me genius! very nice . He would say something like “good move genius” after I did something bad. He would also use it like, “sigh, do you need to go out again genius?”

BUT, I know he is only kidding and he really loves me, because that dummy went out and bought me a 4 lb. BEEF ROAST!!!           YUP,  He’s eating nachos and I am eating roast beef! He is stuck with left over chicken and I have ROAST BEEF!!!!.


   nah nah na-nah nah. I get roast beef, I get roast beef. My dad is an idiot…..but I love him. ( my mom said to my dad, “nice move genius.”)

Life Lesson: Sometimes it is the actions of the one who loves you, not the words.