Stayin’ Cool

On those hot days I like to sit in the Hudson river. It is an aquired taste. At first I wasn’t so sure and I was quite hesitant about going into the water. I must say this is usually in enough for me, but this is good.

 This is me and my buddy Ryder. he helped convince me that it was a good idea to go into the water. My dad wants me to go all the way in, but I just don’t know. Kicking around with Ryder is fun though.

 Just Lyin’ in the Water and Chillin’. We Cool, We Cool.

Life Lesson: When the heat is on be cool.

My First Swim, (sort of)

 Ok I really didn’t swim. I didn’t even mean to go into the water. My daddy and me did a lot of walking today, a lot.

First, in the morning we walked at least two laps around memorial park. My dad either wanted to spend a lot of quality time with me or was tired of me nagging him and being SOOO clingy. He walked me all over and then over again. We also ran in the ball field and I chased the ball. All very tiring but fun.  When we got home I was so tired all I wanted to do was nap. Oh, and eat ofcourse. Actually it was eat first then nap like a pro.

Later my dad said, “lets go to the park”, “to the other park”. So he tookme to Long Dock Park, (he says the name sounds like a Korean porn star name)…I digress. I like that park because there are a lot of other dogs that go there, lots of places to walk, the river, and a lot of smells. We walked all over that park too, man he keeps walking me a lot lately.

I met a tiny puppy only 8 weeks old, (sorry no picture. My mom wasn’t there, she’s the photographer). We also met several other dogs and saw some others that wanted nothing to do with me. We walked the dock twice, around the kyack lockers and a lot of the trails.

We also were walking along the beach for a bit. I was trying to drink the Hudson River in between the waves rolling in and I got my feet wet a little. THEN as I was walking under some low branches right along the beach one of them rubbed my back. I guess no big deal, but at the time it startled me. So I jumped and ran and found myself running into the Hudson River. I guess I wen in about belly high. It was cold but not so bad. maybe when the weather gets a little warmer I will really go swiming….or at least wading in the river.

Life Lesson: Sometime accidents or adventures or who knows what can bring you new experiences that broaden your horizons, teach you new things and “hey they aren’t so bad afterall”!

All Pooped Out

Its hard to predict how your day will go… even if you have a good breakfast.

My mom made us hotdogsilog for breakfast. It was so good! And I was so happy because she didn’t leave me. She woke up, made breakfast then we went upstairs again to take a nap.

After waking up and eating again, my dad came home from work and took us to the park. I was so excited because we were all together hanging out. It was a cold day but the Hudson River was beautiful. We kept warm by running in between strolls. We were having such a good time – until my dad decided it would be fun to play catch in the basketball court.

I love playing catch, and I am very good at it. However, I couldn’t concentrate on my game because I was so spooked by the backboards. The sound the ball makes when it hits a backboard made it worse. Then I didn’t want to play anymore. My dad tried to coax me into smelling the pole underneath it. I couldn’t. My dad got frustrated and tied me to one. Then I was really scared. Even with the prong collar on, I tugged with all I’ve got, but I still couldn’t get free. I was such a mess that I just cried. And my dad set me free. But everybody was already out of sorts so we just went home.

This video doesn’t exist

And now I am Tired.

Life Lesson: If you feel tired because everything seems to be going wrong, take comfort. At least you are not hungry.