Cracking the Davinci Code

 What a day! First I got to go to Hudson Highlands Vetinary so I could get my Frontline anti-flea and tick medicine and also my Heartguard my anti heart worm medicine. They had to weigh me. I clocked in at 150lbs. So it means I get the medicine for a big dog and a medium dog too!

After that we went to the Beacon Barkery and got food! Yay! It is on Main Street in Beacon and they have the absolute bestest stuff. My mom got me an indestructible squeaky rabbit there the other day. It sounds like a duck but it is now my favorite toy…, (that is still alive). Going out of the car onto Main Street was scary, but the walk back to the car was not at all. Hmmm, maybe it is becuse I have so much fun at the Barkery?
And the adventure wasn’t done yet. We went to Petsmart just for more socialization. It is another store I am allowed in and usually I get to meet some other dogs and people to kinda’ get used to them. Thats where I met………..HIM.

 Davinci. He is my size!and my age! we are both just about 11 months and he is 145lbs.WOOOOHOOOO!!! we had a GREAT time. His dad and my dad snuck us into their training room and took off our leashes so we could run and play. Yeah, outlaws again. Again we break the rules. Off the leash and free.

It took me awhile but I got on top of Davinci and made him pee on the floor. So the code is cracked. Get on top of Davinci and make him pee! ….and you all thought it was so much more complicated than that. Hmph.

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Life Lesson: Everyday can be an adventure if you make it.

Too Many Dogs in the USA Go Hungry Every Day

 Yes, it is sad but true! Many American dogs do indeed go hungry every day. I myself go hungry at least three times a day and I have to wait for some human, (usually my dad) to feed me. Then I am better, but sooner or later the hunger comes back. Hunger is like a disease, but at least there is a cure….more food.

I was a little under the weather earlier this week and my apetite wasn’t great. Now however I am much better! The good folks at Hudson Highlands Vetinary in Beacon really are good. I LOVE them. They made me feel better and now I want to play, walk, and EAT.

My dad took me for a bunch of different and long walks this weekend. We went to the park one way. Then we went to the park another way. we ran around the ballfield. We went to the park with my mom, ( I never knew she could walk that far!). We ran around, we played tug, we, (ok, I) chewed sticks, and boy -oh – boy did we get hungry! It is so sad when I have to go hungry. I had to wait and wait for my food. It took a long time, maybe even more than minutes, like a lot of minutes all added up to equal several minutes!

So when you see a hungry dog give him a cookie, (like the old saying in the old movies……”brother can you spare a cookie”?)

Pretty soon I’ll be able to get my own food.

Life Lesson: MANGIA!