Too Embarassing for photos!

Ok, this is going to be short. I don’t want photos because sooner or later they will come back to haunt me. I don’t want to be in the unfortunate position of say some politician or movie star, where something I did, or was to have been porportive to have done,when I was younger comes back to haunt me as a major scandal, when I run for office or become famous.

I mean really, poor Herman Caine. there is no proof, only accusations from some…. well, lets say dubious charecters with new found and unknown financial backing, whose personal motives are still unclear. Or say, Kim Kardashian. A sweet uncommonly attractive woman, who may have made a youthful indiscretion and was out there for others to take advantage of.

No, not me. I am saying this now as damage control for when I become a celebrity. I am coming clean. Lets end the rumors and contriversy before it starts!
 YES, my mom did spoon feed me some of my dinner last week.     OK, Ok, I was acting a bit the spoiled diva, maybe a bit “bratty movie star ish”.       and I did enjoy it!

BUT, I don’t want to let the tabloids run amok and start all sorts of rumors that I am always a spoon fed baby……………. I just sometimes can be particular and it does feel nice for someone to spoil you occasionally.

S there, its out there now, ..end of story!

Life Lesson: Admit your flaws and indiscretions right away, it is the best form of damage control, i.e. take your lumps and move on.

Ok, One picture just for the camera………