Meet My Little Friend

Hi, Sometimes you have to look far and wide for friends. Not just any friends but Good Friends. Some friends will be with you just when things are going well and everything is fun. But real friends will stick with you through thick and thin. they will support you and stay your friend when things are going bad for you, because they know that when things go bad for them that you will be there,  (or were there already), for them. There are some “fair weather” friends but the best are “rainy day” friends.

I look and I try to meet others, but some get pulled away, sometimes I get snarls, and some just run away. Sigh. “Is it Me?” “Is there something wrong with me?” Sometimes I feel like Ginormica from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens.

I have made some very good friends and hopefully when the Beacon Dog Park opens I will be able to make more. I want friends to play with.

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Life Lesson: It is not the qauntity of friend, It is the QUALITY of friends that counts.

Why Don’t the Deer Want to Play With ME?

 Boy is it hard to make friends with some of my neighbors. It can’t be becasue I am a newcomer into the neighborhood. Yes, even though their families were here first I am about as old as some of their kids. Maybe it is because I get to live inside? Nah, I don’t think they have so much envy that they would hold it against me.

I think it is much more insidious. Call me crazy, call me paranoid, but I think they have a spiecies predjudice. Its the old carnivore/herbivore thing.  Those uppity herbivores profile all of us carnivores and they do not want to be associated with us. Do I not have fur also? Do I not live on all fours too? If I am cut do I not bleed? I also have a tail, I also have a mother a father, sisters, brothers, (somewhere).

Why – Oh – Why must they always run away from me when I approach?  Can I not mingle, can I not play with you? Have you not watched West Side Story? Have you learned nothing? Must you all be so predjudiced?

Must you be SO vegetarian?
I believe it, as most predjudices are born out of fear.  Fear that I wil eat them or something.

 Run, run you stupid vegetarian herbivore. I didn’t wan to play with you anyway!…………………………sigh.

Life Lesson: You can’t always make others become your friend.

2011 Done!

Wow, My first year, ( well almost…I haven’t even been around a year yet).

This was me        I was so scared after being taken from my family and my home and then transported to this strange house.  Here I am with Mr. Bear who was my only friend.

   along the way I started to grow and adventure more.  I learned to go outside, it was a whole new world……and I learned it is better to poop out there!   I got in trouble some.

    I made friends with my new dad.

   Sometimes we had our differences.

 I got my belly rubbed.

    I met my first true love.   ….and ended up killing her and pulling all of the stuffing out of her neck……..ooops, my bad. My feet got bigger…. and I got tired!

Life Lesson: Savor all that happens as the year goes by. All these small events are “Life”.