The Unattended Siopao

We had a mini-Fourth of July party yesterday. My mom served Siopao (Filipino pork bun) for lunch. It smelled so good. I tried to show them that I wanted one for myself, but they did not even offer. Luckily my mom saw a deer outside. She took the guests outside so they could “ooh” and “aah” at the deer. I initially went outside to see what they thought was interesting. When I found out it was just the Deer Pack, I snuck back inside while my mom was bragging about our non-human neighbors. There was this one siopao all by its lonesome on the coffee table. Being the kind-hearted doggie that I am, I couldn’t just let the siopao be lonely. So I ate it. I also ate the paper that came with it just in case they look for it. I could always say it was Bert, the groundhog.