Pre-Easter Night Out

It is 10 p.m., mid 30’s temperatures, and my dad, my mom and I are hanging out in the front yard, lying in an old blanket like we are having a picnic. You might be thinking we are waiting for the Easter Sunrise Service. We might be.

My dad is hosting Easter dinner so he had been extra, extra busy. He had been making lasagna for the past 3 days. He also made seafood pot pie today. To say he is cranky is an understatement. He took me out to the park early today to tire me out. My mom’s idea of helping is taking me and herself out of the house, so I got another afternoon outing from her.

My dad wants to do so many things. But my mom started whining about him watching a movie with her. He did. Then I started nagging him about going out. He did. But I didn’t want to go back in. I think he lost his temper then. He yelled at me, banged the door and left me outside. After a few minutes he opened the door and let me in, but he was still yelling at me. I felt guilty, so I used my googly eyes and rubbed myself on him.

He kept his frowny face the rest of the movie. He grumbled that he has to take me out again and he would sit on the lawn for half an hour. My mom offered to take me. He used to grumpy voice to refuse.

When we went out he just flat out lied down on the lawn. My mom, already in her pajamas, without socks on, also came out, and offered to hang out with me. When my dad did not move, my mom started to go back inside. My dad then said, “I thought we were staying here for half an hour?” So my mom got an old blanket (she didn’t want ticks to get her), and sat on the front lawn with us. After a while my dad joined her and kept her feet warm. I diligently did my job as a front lawn guard.

Our neighbors probably think we are crazy. We probably are.

Life Lesson: Love is… too much work, but somebody has to do it.


My dads is making Lasagna. He was up late last night making the sauce, (SAUCE!, Gravy is for meat!) Tonight he is making the Lasagna.

We’re having it on Easter, the day that bunnies turn to chocolate and people eat them. Also chickens apparently lay multi-colored eggs.  Anyway because my dads sister is vegetarian so my dad didn’t make a meat sauce or meatballs, (Hey, that’s me!) but he did put sausage in the sauce as a comprimise so the carnivores don’t get jipped. Ya’ see he is nice everyone is happy.

Apparently I am not getting any lasagna but I am happy because I got some sausage yesterday when he was making the sauce and today I got some of the ricotta cheese mix and some mozzerella too. See my dad lets everyone share in the good fortune.

Life Lesson: Even when you don’t get the whole prize just getting some of the side benefits is still a blessing.