Sometimes what we feel like inside does not reflect what we look like outside.

I love sitting in my mommy’s lap. She usually sits on the floor and I would go to her and sit on her lap. She would then rub my belly or my ears, and gush about how lucky I am that I got my good looks from her.

In my mind’s eye, I am small, soft, cute and cuddly.  I guess in reality I am getting less and less so. She loves having me in her lap, she laughs and seems to be so happy when I do. Yet now my mom could not even last five minutes with me in her lap – something about my butt killing her legs. I wish I could be small, soft and cuddly all the time. But that is not meant to be.

At least I win in wrestling matches.

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Life Lesson: Embrace your size and make it work for you.

Not The Only One Afraid

When you think of yourself as being cute and cuddly, it is shocking to realize that somebody else thinks of you as Frightful, With Big Teeth.

My mom’s family has the Afraid-Of-Dogs gene. My mom is actually also afraid of dogs. The only reason she is not afraid of me is because I am her son, and she got me when I was a puppy. I have an ate (older female relative) who is so afraid of me that she could not go into my house unless I am in my leash and somebody is holding me.

That’s the reason I have my prong collar and my leash on in the picture. Inside the house. I was not used to it, but I didn’t complain. I really, really wanted to smell her and play with her. We did walking around the house only four people apart. We sat down three people apart. Then she sat on her mom’s lap, and I sat on my dad’s. Then with her hand on her mom’s, they both held out their hands so I could smell them. Before she left, she at least was able to pet me and stroke me behind my ears. So I am content.

Life Lesson:  When you are afraid, it helps to have someone to hold on to.