Model Behavior…UM, …..NO

Everyone tells me how good looking I am. It is always, “Oh what a good looking dog”! Here is the thing however…I am just a regular guy. I like to drool….a lot!

 I drool on everything, I drool everywhere. I drool and shake my head so it goes airborne…kinda’ like horizontal drool rain. We are talking copious amounts of drool.

 let the evidence show…I have drooled on someones, (I think it was my mom’s…ooops, sorry mom) pants.

When I am not drooling I am peeing rivers and pooping mountains. Sorry no photos, because this is a family blog we have to show a certain amount of decorum. I do have a photo of my dad’s pooper scooper……….

So, I don’t think I will ever get to walk the …”catwalk?”, “dogwalk?” I would probably shower the judges with drool and then poop on their runway…and if there is anything and I mean anything that is verticle, I will smell it and pee on it.  SO, If you want a “model” “metrosexual” doggy try this guy I tried to meet but was politely rebuffed.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Some of us are just meant to be regular dudes.

p.s. I snore

Love Is

… waking up early to put your slimy, slobbery, two-day-old-bone-with-peanut-butter-inside beside mommy when she sleeps, so when she wakes up she will have something to play with.

… leaving the bed in the middle of the night, to sleep on the floor, because there is no more room to maneuver in the bed, so nobody else has to.

… eating puto seko  from my mom’s right hand, and queso de bola from her left hand, because we like eating them both at the same time, together.

… getting my very own Jamaican beef patty, to eat by my lonesome, because my mom thought I would like it.

… my mommy playing tug with me, even if it is too much work.

… my daddy giving me at least two hours of play time a day doing PUPPY stuff.

… my daddy giving me a belly rub with his right hand, and giving my mommy a back rub with his left hand.

… my mom not touching to walls, because that would upset my dad.

… my dad trying not to be upset because of the drool on the wall, on the floor and everywhere else in between.

… my mom occasionally trying to clean up some drool so my dad would not be too upset.

… me drooling more, so my mom and my dad will have something to do together: cleaning up said drool.

… living together as a family, despite the pain and discomfort, beacuse the joy at the end of the day is worth it.

Life Lesson: Love is not one-size-fits-all. Embrace it, even if it is not really what you had in mind. If it is perfect, it’s probably fake.