Who’ll Stop The Rain?

Apparently No one can or will stop the rain. It has been raining virtualy everday since July other than a few handful of days. It will rain for three days then be nice for one, then rain for a week, then be nice for two, then rain another week , be nice for three, then rain for four days and be nice for  one, then rain another week. The world is getting moldy, mildewy and growing mushrooms and fungus on top of the mushrooms and fungus. It is growing between my toes, because they are always wet. The whole world has turned cloudy and gray. Even when it isn’t raining everything is still wet, always wet. the ground hasn’t been dry in 4 months and probably never will be again. I’ll bet it has rained or has been cloudy 80% of the last 50 days.

Obviously nature is our enemy. We should fight nature at every turn. Remember the Tsunami in 2004? It killed what 300, 000 people and no one even counted the dogs or other animals! Why would we try to protect such a beast? How many of my fellow animals have been destroyed by nature? How many in forest fires? How many in floods? How many in heatwaves and droughts? How many? How many have been forced from their homes? Their territories? Nature is not our friend, nature is a beast we must figth, tame and conquer! Nature is the dragon we must slay!

Just the other day they were promising a good stretch of weather after todays rain…..but now it has changed,the new weather report says it is supposed to be ok for tomorrow and then be cloudy, misty, and  rainy the next nine days.

Life Lesson: The best use of clean fresh rain water is fracking.  (hydro fracking the shale deposits to get the natural gas out of the Earth….basicaly giving the Earth an enima to make it fart)

Gung Hoy Fat Choi

Happy New Years! – the Chinese New Year! the Year of the DRAGON!!!! oooh.


 If I were to be a dragon, this is the kind of dragon I’d want to be. Not a dragon like Barney. that soft puple fool, btw, is he still alive?

I want to be a big fearsome dragon. But also a benevolent and just dragon. A dragon that protects the good people, that protects the home, and that protects……my food supply!, (especially the better treats and stuff).

I want to be a good luck dragon, one that brings good health, love, prosperity, good luck, and happines.

I have some of the makings of a dragon. I have big ears, though they are sort of floppy. I have the big teeth. I can breath fire sometimes…ok, ok, it kinda’ comes out the other end, but it could be fire if someone lights a match.

So to everyone everywhere, May the year of the dragon be off to an auspicious start and may that follow through the entire year!

Life Lesson: No matter who you are, you can choose the path you take. It is your choice.