All Decked Out

I love lying on the porch on a sunny day. SIGH, But it appears there ar no more sunny days left in forever.

I wanted to get all decked out for Halloween and dress up like a lion, but that has been cancelled too…due to nature, (the most destructive force on the planet).

Now I have to sit home inside waiting for yet another one of natures attacks on the planets inhabitants, “Frankenstorm”.  Which is expected to sometime early this week and last 21 days, (in dog years) and maybe even more! I am thinking this is going to down a lot of trees and ruin the habitat for many rabbitts, deer, and my cousins the Cyote’s. Never mind all of the fish named Wanda or anything else. I think it is starting off as hurrican Sandy , or Sarah, or Susan, or something like that. It is not named Hurricane Marie..or hurricane Meatball or Hurricane Chris, so don’t blame us!   Why do they name them after common people names anyway? Why not Hurricane Tasmanian Devil? Or Hurricane Dracula?

So apparently this “super storm” is going to wreck a lo tof stuff, make life miserable and be a pain in the ass. Woohooo nature! …(that was sarcasm….and from a dog). So I am going to be inside most of the time, I won’t be able to spend anytime on the deck and when I do go out to pee I will be pelted in my face with the rain and the winds, I hate that!  And to make matters worse I don’t even get to stay out long. I get too wet, atree migth fall on me, stuff above me is moving all around and that freaks me out!

Maybe we will get a massive amount of snow and by the time it is over we will wake up and it will be Spring?

Life Lesson: It is always nice and Sunny…but usually somewhere else.

I’m Not Quite dead Yet.

 I think my friend The Bear is a fan of Monty Python. He says he’s getting better…..I don’t think so.

 We had a bit of a scrum him and I. Unfortunately, though we are friends he has suffered a “mild” neck wound. This picture looks worse than it is, but he is starting to bleed out his innards. ….Ooooopps.

I know there is a pool on when exacly my good friend will meet his demise. I can not tell for sure, he does have a lot of staying power and I do get tired of him often. ….But, it is also like a shark attack, once there is blood in the water even the “friendly” sharks can’t resist the taste of fresh blood.

Due to the nature of the wound, I believe I can blame Dracula, I mean it looks like a hungry vampire….doesn’t it?    uh,  maybe Dogula?

Life Lesson: BE CAREFULL!