My Psychic Advisor

Saturday my dad took me to a “psychic advisor”. He said it was to figure out why I am so afraid of Main Street and such a “scaredy cat”. I guess he thinks I have issues.

So I am thinking that she would have a crystal ball, tarot cards, maybe a ouija bouard, or hold a se’ance or something really cool like that.  But no such luck. At least she was very nice. We hung out and talked for awhile, kinda’ relaxed, chilled you might say.

She went on about me wanting to play with some friends my own size. Wanting to play with a large ball like  a soccer ball, (stay tuned for a later post on an update on that!). Doing stuff like hiking in the woods, (sounds like fun!) She also went on about how I am a gentle soul and I don’t know my own size, not just physical size, but my “presence” and how that affects others, other dogs, other people, and the Earth and the Universe.

 ………..Ok, I made up the stuff about the earth and the Universe but it sounded cool, huh.

Then we went for a walk on Main Street with her so she could see me and how afraid I was and at what. …sheesh, how embarassing.

It was tough but I lived through it and she said that I should just keep doing it and as I grow up I will realize it is no big deal. She also said that I can get my confidence from my dad and I should follow him and if he is the leader of the pack I will trust and follow him. I KNOW he isn’t going to lead me up any mountain tops, cliff edges, tram lines, roof tops or any other high places. So I guess I just have to gett over high things when I am low down. ………………maybe sooner or later, maybe.

Life Lesson: Sometimes you don’t need a crystal ball but you stll need someone to tell you what you already know

Psychic Therapist

Why is it a problem when you are not like everybody else?

Every quasi-animal expert that my dad asks about my looking up and being afraid of things that are higher than me have no answer for him. They have never heard of anything like it before. So when he found out that there is an dog psychic/therapist coming to out area, he made an appointment right away.

My mom being my mom, thought it was funny. I can tell this is going to be an all-night giggle fest for her. She is already anticipating the fun she will have when we finally go.

I want to tell them I am not afraid to look up all the time! Especially if the choice is between duck jerky and bacon!

This video doesn’t exist

Oh well! At least I will get both their undivided attention during that time.

Life Lesson: Keep an open mind always – life is full of surprises.