Dark Knight Rises ….indeed!

 (Ok, it is an old picture and I am a bit younger but I didn’t have a new photo of me in the dark)…and it was very dark! We were watching some of the Olympics sychronized falling off a platform into the water I believe and my dad was also making dinner, (on the grill) and all of a sudden we losty power. Yup Central Hudson dropped the ball again.

Everyone else ate dinner by flashlight, but I just couldn’t eat. maybe I was waiting around for Batman or Bat Woman or some Joker or whoever, but I stayed close to my people. I have to guard them you know, it is my basic instinct.

First my dad was worried about the ice cream melting in the freezer, so he ate all of it. Then he got tired of waiting and wondering when the power would come back so he dragged out the generator he got last year after too many other power outages and hooked it all up and voila!, (thats Waaa Laaa in English) we had power again! ….then after a few minutes the real power came back on…and we saw the light!

Life Lesson: If you buy a snow blower it won’t snow. If you buy a generator you won’t really lose power, If you save for a rainy day it won’t rain…but if you buy a convertible it will rain. If you prepare for the worst it won’t happen and if you prepare for the best…that won’t happen either.