My Daddy Ate My Leftovers!

My mom saved a huge plateful of lasagna scraps from yesterday’s party. She meant to put it in my food a little at a time.

My dad ate ALL of it today.

Life Lesson: When people you trust reallocate resources meant for you to themselves, do not fret. Tomorrow will be another day.

*****************Happy Birthday Jessica J***************************************************

Chicken Skin-And-Bones Soup

My daddy thinks that I have gone beyond just “spoiled”.

I got sick too. I started throwing up creamy yellow stuff yesterday. I had a fever and I couldn’t stop panting. My belly made a lot of previously-not-heard-of sounds.

This morning even after breakfast I still was not feeling right. I tried to tell my mommy. Because it had been so early in the morning (9:30 am), doing my best in-so-much-pain cry, she still ignored me. I got on the bed with her to make myself clearer. She just rubbed my ears and still didn’t get up. Then it happened. I threw up on the bed.

She didn’t get mad. She probably thought it was her fault anyway, for not listening. To make up for it she made chicken and rice for me. She got a whole chicken from the store and just boiled it. She then took all the meat out – that’s for me. My daddy also said that I should not get the skin, the fat might get me sick also.

My mom took the leftover bone, the chicken skin, and put it back in the pot. She added veges and potatoes. She put sinigang flavoring. And that’s what my dad had for dinner.

Life Lesson: With a little ingenuity, you might probably, maybe, pull off making something out of nothing.