Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball

 I really like it when my dad grills. He has this grill that seems to keep getting smaller. I think it is the rain. Maybe it is the really hot weather that starts to melt it, then the rain gets it wet, then it gets hot again and the grill shrinks.  That is my guess, (but what do I know I am just a dog).

I mostly like the cool weather. I don’t mind if it is raining, hardly seem to notice in fact. The only things I don’t care for is A). my dad feels compelled to try to dry my feet off when we go back in.  B). if it rains a lot he gets grumpy, (but what does he know he is just a human). and C). If it is really raining hard he trys to avoid walking me. I don’t mind getting wet and I have to pee reguardless if it is raining hard or not!

It is nice when the rain is refreshing and does helpful stuff like cooling things off or filling the bird bath so I can drink out of it, stuff like that. It would be really cool if it rained something better than water though. I wish it would rain treats, cookies, meat would also be nice, ( my guess it is water and that is that).

Now thunder and lightning is ok too. Some don’t care for it but it never seems to bother me. Hey I bark and the sky thunders….. to each his own.

Life Lesson: Even if it is raining outside, don’t let it rain inside.

Its Raining Treats!

I was able to go tot the park again today. Yeay!, two days in a row. It was a nice day, I got to run around some more, got more exercise, more fresh air, and more time doing something other than the everyday.  It is like a mini vacation. An adventure waiting to happen, a “get out of jail free card”.

While I was there my dad was trying to say something to me and I think he was trying to get me to do some stupid trick for a cookie. All I knew was that while he was holding the cookie bag and looking elsewhere all of the cookies were falling on the ground…and I was busy cleaning them up!

He finally caught on why I wasn’t paying attention to him like I usually do and then the rain of cookies ended,……………..sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

Life Lesson: When someones stupidity benefits you take them for all they’re worth.