4 Collars

 The red one on the left is my new one it fits just right and it has some room to grow. I believe it opens up to 28 inches.  the next one was just replaced. It was the one I was using but my dad had to put an extra hole in it so it wouldn’t choke me. It went up to 2 inches. The one before that only lasted a few weeks and I outgrew it. It looks almost as big as the one after it, but it really isn’t.

And the little collar on the right was my first collar. I got it when they took me home when I was 8 weeks old. I am not sure how big in diameter it is. I started wearing it as it is shown now, but my dad had to keep expanding it every few weeks so it would fit.,

So from 8 weeks, (lets say 2 months), untill 10 months….I’m not good at math but I’ll guess that is about 8 months my neck went from the little one to the big red one at about 25 inches around. I wonder how long it will be untill I outgrow this one?

Oh, by the way I got a new friend. My mom bougth me a lion! She is the sweetest!

Life Lesson: A collar is a retraint, but some restraints are needed, …..as long as they are not too tight.


Everything They Don’t Teach You in School

Now this is what I want to learn! I want to be a fierce warrior. I want to take down “the Man” and assert myself, call my own shots! I wan tto learn to attack. i want to strike fear into entire city blocks, make others change their plans when I walk their way, make people offer me their food and shower me with tributes, crunchy, tasty, preferably bacon flavored tributes.

They don’t teach you why we are supposed to chase cats. how to get the lid up on the toilet when you are thirsty, how to turn on the TV when everybody is out, and all the important stuff that I really want to know.

They also don’t teach you how to get out of a collar or …harness. I had to do that on my own. yup, I broke the darn thing. It too a few sudden running starts. I mean really, really hard launches, one of which pulled my daddy into the side of the shed, the second almost dislocated his shoulder….but it also broke the harness and gave me my freedom! Of course I then ran promptly home to the door, its scary out their not tethered to my daddy.

ok, Ok, I guess I’ll never make Seal Team Six. Truth be told, the picture with my dad is us just playing and acting a bit. Maybe I can be a “stunt dog” or get on a TV commercial?
…or just get some crunchy, tasty, bacony flavored treats?


Life Lesson: Some stuff you just have to learn on your own!