The Beacon Barkery !

It was like Christmas today! My dad took me to the Beacon Barkery and we went wild!

He got me TWO frozen marrow bones…..and

a really, really nice sales lady with her assistant, (had good dog smell on them) gave me an entire bag of chicken treats, which are incredible. They are made in the US and are just dried chicken breast, (too bad for the chicken), scrumptious. At first when they came in I barked at them. I thought they were going to try and take all the food and I want this to be mine, mine all mine…Yeah, I was staking a claim for this to be my turf. Then she tried to give me some catfish treat, blah…give that to a cat…I’m not bought off so easily that is when she broke out those chicken treats and we became friends, (ok, I am kinda’ easy). My dad also bought me a bag of my favorite little snacky when I go for a walk treats……AND….

He also got me some thin chew sticks ..AND what he calls Dog Food Cold Cuts. It is “Natural Balance” dog food in a big Salami like tube that he mixes in with my dry bland boring kibble to make it, uh, more better…..AND!!!!!!!!

Yes, That’s Right….a SUPER COOKIE! It is some sort of homemade peanut butter and Heaven cookie! I know it is a home made treat, but  I think it is also made with magic or something.

I am so spoiled and that is so good!

Life Lesson: Donate to the Beacon Dog Park, (it is online you can find it)

OK, Who is Shrinking My Dog Dish Holder?

Ok, Someone must be playing a joke on me. My dad just made this stand for me for Christmas. That was only a little more than a month ago. When I first got it I could just barely reach my head enough to get it in the dish. The dish and the water bowl were about even with my head and almost too high to eat or drink comfortably.

I remeber him saying, ” this looks like it will last a while. I built it high enough to last untill you are all grown up”. ” I may not have to build another”. “It is a foot and a half off the ground”…”hmmm, Maybe I built it too high?”

………..Uh, NO! Now I have to bow my back and reach down to eat and drink! I think maybe someone is playing a practicle joke and cutting the legs off when I am not looking. I don’t think my dad wants to build another. My food keeps getting farther and farther away from my mouth.

 I feel like Giliver in Gulivers Travels.

I feel like the big kid who still has to eat at the “kids table”.

They say the world is shrinking, I guess it is true.

Life Lesson: There is no shame in stooping low in order to eat a good meal.

Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is like fireworks – you wait for it, it is spectacular when it comes, then it is all over.

One day after I got Froggie, I ripped his arm off and systematically emptied him of stuffing. I even managed to get the squeaker out of him.

My dad and my mom are both working again so I go back to having eight hour naps in the daytime. I miss having them but I guess I could use a nap – Christmas is exhausting! But I cannot wait until the next one comes again.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Exciting is good. But normal and boring is probably just as good.

This Was My Best Christmas EVER!

 Wow, this was my best Christmas ever!………..Ok, Ok, it was also my first Christmas. I got to meet a lot of my relatives, I got toys to play with, I got GREAT food to eat, it was Great! All of the crazy supid stuff my humans were doing for the past few weeks all seemed to come together in one day just for me!

 I must say it was also very nerve racking and tiring too. Kids running around screaming like they were a bunch of lonely alley cats protecting their turf. Kids teasing me in my own house. Boxes and wrapping paper all over. Lots of pretty lights. Lots of food. Poppy playing with me and petting me. Lots of people playing with me and petting me. My mom giving me a rather tasty people food lunch.  An antelope antler to chew on. It goes on and on, so much different than a normal day or even a normal Sunday.

I wonder if we can do this every Sunday?

 This is me meeting Santa!

 This is me getting special attention from Poppy.

 This is me waiting for…uh, protecting some of the deserts.

 This is me with my new friend, (he doesn’t have a name yet…what should I name him? …any suggestions?) I can’t wait to rip his arms off!

  I even got to spend some quality time with Horsey and tore his neck up…but just a bit…………..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Life Lesson: Christmas may be a stressfull time but try to have some fun also.  You have to remember the meaning of Christmas, Humans sharing their stuff with me and feeding me a lot of their good food!