Strangers in The Night.

Sometimes it is those late night chance encounters when you meet a new friend that become so memorable. I was just out with my mom and dad waiting near the Beacon train station walking around on the ferry dock and…that is where I met Harley.

He isn’t much of a Harley, more like a Vespa. But he was cool, he just walked right up to me with no fear and smelled my paw, (all he could reach), so maybe he is a little bit like a Harley, he had no fear! He even gave me a little growl and bark as if was going to bite a toe or something, but it was all cool. So we hung out and smelled each other for a little while and then parted ways. Like too ships passing in the night. …..what is that old song, “Strangers in the Night”? Wasn’t that Sinatra? …I wonder what breed he was?

Life Lesson: Chance encounters at night ad a little song to your history