Bad To The Bone!

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This is me getting my Big Bone. At first I was a bit apprehensive. Was I dog enough to handle such a big bone? Is it too big for me? What did it come from? A Cow? A Moose? A dinosaur?  Can I get my mouth around it?

Then after a few minutes with it, I realized that, yeah, I can whittle this thing down to size. I can chew this thing UP! For I am “Bad to the Bone” ba-bababa-bad….bababba baaaad to the bone! Maybe I am one of the destroyers? (well I am certainly not Goerge Thourouhgood). But I can be a destroyer. I htink it is in my blood, I think it is most dogs calling.

I have my share of small bones, you  know ones that come from small stuff, like oxen.

But even when I am bad, I am actually good. My badness, my barking, my growling is all an act. I just want to play……OK, now don’t get me started on a “dogs just want to have fun” post. I want to maintain my big bad doggy image.

Liufe Lesson: Being bad is only good if it is a good bad.


Human Training

I have my mom and dad well trained. When my mom is eating I sit by her and give her my paw. She then is trained to give me some of her food. My dad however will not do that.

However, as you can see when I walk up to my dad with my bone I have him trained to hold it for me. It is so much easier than trying to grab that thing with my paws.

This is a much more comfortable position for me.

Now if I can just get him to sit when I say!

Life Lesson: Humans think they are the top of the food chain and the smartest. But with some guile and a cute face you can have them work for you. You do have to realize that they all have their own special talents and purposes to serve you.