Vice Presidential Debate, …

So, this is what we got. …and in the real important news…….It is my daddy’s birthday today. I let him walk me, take me to the park..the one by “the Round House” in Beacon, the we went to the Beacon Barkey where I let him by me a few treats a Himalayan Cheese stick and some bones… and then we played more catch in the back yard. It was fun for me. Himalayan Cheese stick? …it is this compressed Yak cheese, yes I said Yak cheese sort of made into a yogurt like substance then dried and compressed until it is a very hard bone like thing, they’re yummy! So I had a good day. Oh, Oh, Oh, he also bought me this new food stuff thing, it is like a log of compressed meat kinda’ like they have with coldcuts you know like a salami or balonga only more dense and hard. So he cut off a chunk and diced it up and mixed it in with my dog food aand WOW! it is GOOD! It is some sort of natural, live, real, raw …but not really dog food stuff YUM!

Oh and it is Biden, Ryan then there is O’bama and Romney…are they ALL Irish? My dad thinks Snooki and JWOW should run the country so it would be less superficial than the politicians. Maybe the Kardashians can make up the cabinet? …and all of the decisions can be made by a panel of judges like in DWTS, Xfactor or American Idol and the audience, (voters) can call in or text their preference?

 My friend Ryder and I having a debate….It is water…no that’s absurd it is water, no, it is water…no, no, no, It is water! You would have us believe it is water? No, it IS water, I can’t believe you are saying it is water when anyone can clearly see it is water….and I know water when I see it! Oh yeah, I grew up with water and my family knows water and I am telling you it is water!..No, it is not,it is water!

Life Lesson: Run, Play, Eat, Sleep, get petted and rubbed, lick your naughty bits, chew things up Pee and Poop, that is life.

Best Birthday Ever! (Also My Only One)

I am one year old today. I do not really feel any different from yesterday, but my humans are celebrating, so who am I to say no? I think we are supposed to be happy because I have managed to stay alive for this long. And because my mommy has not eaten me yet.

When my mom and dad came home, they had me wear a stupid hat whose strings are not even long enough to go around my neck. It was annoying but I got to eat the hat so I guess it was not too bad.

Then came the cake. My dad got it from the Beacon Barkery. They have THE BEST stuff ever! YUMMMMM!

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Then the 20 piece chicken nuggets.

Then I got to eat half my mom’s steak with mushroom sauce. And a lot of my dad’s french fries.  And I get to have a birthday pie for dessert!

I may not get why humans do birthdays, but I have decided That I Like It!

Life Lesson: Birthdays are when people who love you spoil you (more than usual). Take advantage. It only happens once a year.