Woodworker’s Apprentice

If you are useful, people will be more inclined to feed you.

These days I am spending a lot of my time in my dad’s workshop. My dad had been very busy doing all sorts of important things. I make it a point to help him out whenever I can. I make sure that nobody but me ever bothers him when he is working. I chew the scrap wood to bits so he does not have to get rid of it in big chunks. I listen to him as he talks to himself, curses or sings.

woodchip hanging from my jowls


My dad made these birdhouses. Maybe someday I will get to make one, but one that catches birds to I could play with them. Every once in a while I have to go upstairs to make sure my mommy is okay. She is in charge of guarding the couch.

Life Lesson: Make yourself useful. Learning is a reward in itself.