OH MY! What Big teeth You Have!

Oh MY What big teeth you have! …”The better to eat with my dear”.

 Oh My, what a big nose you have!….”The better to smell with my dear”.

 OH MY what big ears you have! ….”The better to hear with my dear”.

 Oh My What a big tounge you have! …” The better to taste with my dear!”.

 Oh MY what big paws you have…..”The better to …um, walk with me dear.”

 Oh My what a big head you have!….”the better to ,…..uh, think with my dear”.

 So what do you think about? ……”Eating, Sleeping, Playing, Peeing, and Pooping…my dear!”

Life Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. Find happiness in all the millions of small things and the big things will fall into place.

(ps. the big things are really smaller than the small things)

A Full Moon Tonight!

 look into my eye’s and do as I command! Bring me treats and cookies”

Did that work?  huh……c’mon go get me some snacks! Or else my evil ray eyes will shoot laser beams at you!

I was a normal everyday gut and then when the moon turns full, I grow Big teeth, Big ears, a Big eyes, and get hairy all over and my evil side comes out.

Maybe I just get this way when I am visited by beautiful fair maidens?

Life Lesson: When the moon is full, beware!……….and have some fun.