Talking Heads

It is said that two heads are better than one. My dad and I have an ongoing argument on who’s head is bigger.  I think mine is. My mom thinks mine is also. My dad insists his head is bigger. He must have a big head to think his head is bigger. What do you think?  It is up for a vote.

My moms head is the smallest, but she thinks she is the smartest, so does that mean she has the biggest head? (I know I am smartest, because they take care of me, not the other way around)!

 Now this is Gina…I am bigger than all of her, so I KNOW I have a bigger head…no question there!………..Hi Gina.

Life Lesson: It is not the size of your head that matters, it is the size of your ideas!

My Dad Lost His Head……….But Not His Heart

 As you can see in my photographic evidence. My dads head is a wee bit smaller than mine. He says he has a big head, but this is proof that it isn’t that big afterall.

We played and played tonight  and he let me win at our new game, biting his arms. Sometime he bites me back, but not hard. I go easy on him and don’t bite him hard either.

This video doesn’t exist


After fighting and biting he took me for a walk outside where I pee’d and then proceeded to lie down on the lawn for 20 minutes just to watch the neighborhood,  enjoy the cool grass, night air, and the stars. He patiently waited for me to relax for awhile before he took me back in.

Also aside from this blog and as a public service and serious note: It seems that more dogs are getting sick from eating treats made in China, (according to yahoo). I think they are mostly the jerky style treats. My mom and dad used to get those for me, even one of the brands that was in the article, but they stopped. Why take the chance?


Life Lesson: Play, Play hard and then take some time to relax and accept the universe around you.

Additional LifeLlesson: beware of what you eat

OH MY! What Big teeth You Have!

Oh MY What big teeth you have! …”The better to eat with my dear”.

 Oh My, what a big nose you have!….”The better to smell with my dear”.

 OH MY what big ears you have! ….”The better to hear with my dear”.

 Oh My What a big tounge you have! …” The better to taste with my dear!”.

 Oh MY what big paws you have…..”The better to …um, walk with me dear.”

 Oh My what a big head you have!….”the better to ,…..uh, think with my dear”.

 So what do you think about? ……”Eating, Sleeping, Playing, Peeing, and Pooping…my dear!”

Life Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. Find happiness in all the millions of small things and the big things will fall into place.

(ps. the big things are really smaller than the small things)

Who’s Head is Bigger?

 Ok, I am going to show you a bunch of photos. Everyone tells me that MY head is bigger than my dads. There is one sadly mistaken man who believes his head is bigger than mine.

Now there is some argument about cranial size, to include the nose or not, how much neck is allowed. BUT, when you get right down to it,….whose head is bigger?

Life Lesson: Sometimes how you see yourself is different than how others see you.  You are probably right.