OH S**T!

I should have a Sad face like this…but I don’t I have a Happy face like this…….

WHY?…Because I just pooped!  POOPING FEELS GOOD! I LIKE POOPING! There I siad it, I like Pooping! peeing is good too but pooping …ah, that is like Wow! It is warm and squishy and smelly.

I can’t do it in the house though. those in power in the current administration do not like poop in the house, (or pee for that matter). So I am forever having to ask for permission to go out. I am almost always escorted out to poop as if I need an escort to poop. My mom doesn’t let me escort her to poop, …my dad does sometimes, he’s cool. AND, if they are not home I have to wait, WAIT! aaarrrgggghhh, How do I know when they are coming home? it is all very frustrating.  Lucky for them they have ait conditioning because if they had fans…….let’s just say I would be sorely tempted to poop in that direction , and then you know what happens?…….

Anyway I have been very very good lately except the one time I was sick, but that is another story. I have also been very lucky because my dad does walk me a lot and at all different hours. He walks me all around and usually carries his pooper scooper. people look at him as if he is some sort of ax/shovel murderer because he walks a big dog, (me) and carries a big shovel. Some people “get it” others can’t quite make the connection. We call them______________ a name I am too muchof a nice dog to mention.

 the pooper scooper.

Life Lesson: Don’t carry a lot of crap around with you, you have to let it go, it is all in the past.