Unloved and Forgotten

This is me resting…alone. …By myself. ..On a cold wooden floor. …unloved….forgotten.

Where are my humans? ……One is relaxing and the other is taking this picture of me…..mocking me….saying I am Sooooo big now. Bigger than the dishwasher. How would you lie to be told, “you’re bigger than a dishwasher”?   More importantly, why are they not rubbing my belly? Why are they not rubbing my ears? Why are they not totally and 100% focused on my happiness?  SIgh, big sigh! I want someone who will be more devoted to my whims and desires. Oh the indignities of not having a pillow for my head!

 AND THEN, Tonight my dad forgot to feed ME! he remembered at almost 10:00! Someone should call the animal rights activists!  I mean really 10:00, seriously? Are you kidding me? 10:00. ……and do you know what his excuse was? He said HE was tired! I mean cumon’ what the heck does HE do all day?  What a Diva!   …and he thinks he makes up for it with an apology, some sausage in my dog food, and three large milkbones? …

I am thinking  he needs more training.

….maybe I’ll eat his shoes and make him go barefoot, see how he likes that!
Life Lesson: Sometimes you need to let those who help you take a break.

Presidential Debate #1

OK, I don’t know anything about them…I’m a dog. Apparently a guy named Barack Obama and another guy named Mitt Romney had a civilized argument. Why can’t they just fight it out, (play fight of course I don’t want to endorse violence). Better yet, why not a game of TUG. I think that would be fair To win at tug you need strong jaws, a good bite, be tenacious, and have determination….it also helps if you are a bit sneaky at times also. I once broke my daddys nose playing tug…I won!

I don’t think they covered Dog rights so there is no interest for me. There was no promising of more treats, longer walks, less leash laws, or universal government mandated vet visits. ……BORING!      Also they didn’t address the “Cat Issue”.

My dad and I debate every now and then……

Now THAT is how you debate effectively!

…….Just as an aside, I had a debate with a teddy bear once…. it didn’t end well for the bear….

…Just sayin’

Life Lesson: All arguments should have moderators so they don’t get out of hand.

The Lab Results Are In!

 Well I finally got my Lab test results. I went to the park with Mom and Dad on Sunday and they wanted me to participate in some Lab experiment. As if I was part of some Mad Scientist evil plans for some diabolical event. Or some bad animal testing. I hope this doesn’t upset my animal rights!

So I went and got tested by not just one but TWO Labs. I guess they wanted to be sure the results are acurate. I think all of this is a bit much because I have already been tested at my neighborhood Lab, “Russ” and he approves of me. I guess as with all scientific experiments more testing is always good. I must say it was fun too. Here are my results…………

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Life Lesson: Sometimes Lab testing can turn out fun.

Daddys Home….and I am not letting go of him!

 My dad and mom decided to go out and have Vietnamese food without me! 1st off I don’t like to be left alone. 2nd I don’t know why I can’t go out for dinner with them once in awhile. 3rd, night time with them is MY time with them …not someone elses. Their job at night is to feed me, play with me, and just hang out with me. I didn’t ask to live here with them! I have needs too ya’know!

Animal Rights! …Doggy Rights!

So anyway when they got home I made it abundantly clear that My dad needs to sit and lie down and stay here! …also I love knocking him down and sitting on him. He is a good sport and plays with me while I have him pinned. Maybe someday I can join one of those WrestleMania shows and make it big? What are they? WWE?, WWF?, WABC?, WBA?  something like that. What would be my wrestler stage name?    Any suggestions? Hmmmmmmm….?

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