It looks to me like daddy’s getting ready to leave. I hate when he goes! I want my pack to stay together. A pack thats stays together plays together. When daddy’s gone he can’t play with me, protect me, or serve me the way I am growing accustomed to and the way I have trained him. Plus, hasn’t he ever watched the movies? Doesn’t he know when the group seperates that’s when they get picked off one by one? It is alweays the scary monster, the mad psycho, the alien, the bad guy, or the guy that everyone was just killed but isn’t quite dead yet guy. United we stand! ..and I get served better too!

Yup, It sure looks like he is going and it looks liek he is going without me. sigh……………..sigh!

Oh well, I know when he gets back we will play and we will play BIG TIME! I always make him pay for leaving me and I always let him know how much I miss him.  It makes me wonder, In the days of say, Marco Polo when they left for years and were never sure if they would ever return, How did they part? …and what was the party like when they returned? And everyone was so much older when they did return. It is like, “Ok, guys I am going to explore the world see ya’ when I get back in a decade or so”.  ??? Really    Hope you’re all still alive if I get back alive…..but don’t worry I’m gonna go get spices, I’ll bring  ya’ back some pepper….what? You want salt too? sigh Ok, GINGER ALSO!?  C’mon that may take an extra year or two….sigh yes, dearI know you need it for that dinner you are planning.  ok.

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Life Lesson: Parting is such sweet sorrow, (NOT!) and getting back together is SO much FUN!  RAAAAAA

Strangers in The Night, Exchanging Glances . . .

So my daddy takes me out last night a bit later than usual so I can …….pee. We walk down to the end of the street where I lke to go and there on my turf….right in the middle is ……?     I am really not sure, another being? an Alien? a dog with big ears? a …..herbivore?           On MY turf!

He/She was bigger than….

but smaller than………..

We all just stared at each other for 3 – 4 minutes. My dad stood still, I stood stretched out trying to smell and see who he was, and the deer didn’t budge. He didn’t even flinch, just held his ground. I wanted to go say ” Hi!” my dad was waiting for a ny kind of reaction, secretly hoping the deer would come over and say “Hi!” and we all just stood there about 50 feet away from each other.

I think my dad was hoping the deer was mistaking me for one of his friends and would come over so he crouched down behind me…didn’t work, the deer never came over. I was not sure if I should give chase and try to play or if I should just wait. The deer? who knows what he was thinking, he was either scared stiff and couldn’t move, wasn’t sure about us, (these herbivore/carnivore social encounters are very awkward and can sometimes end messy), or as my dad started thinking had babies sleeping in the woods that were close by and was standing his ground to protect them. So to show some decorum  and to avoid any “he said/she said” late nigth bar brawl kind of events that usually end up on the evening news and nobody really walks away the winner hangover the next day. We decided to walk away slowly in the other direction and let the deer have his friday night in peace. Part of me still yeans though. What if it was a she, what if she could have been “the one”? Maybe because it was late and dark, maybe I had a few too many dog biscuits, but she shure looked good to me! ……………….sigh, hopefully we will meet again. Maybe next time we can cross this divide?

(Ofcourse, if it all went badly, I think we could have taken him.There were two of us, I am a carnivore, and my dad had his big pooper scooper shovel.)

Life Lesson: Late night encounters are tricky and sometimes it is best to let what could have been be “what could have been”.